Options for Home Mold Testing In Leesburg, VA

Mold Inspection in Burke, VA

Home mold testing for Leesburg, VA does not need to be expensive. We humans are designed with five great senses and if we use them strategically by knowing what we are looking, seeing, smelling and feeling for home mold testing can be conducted around the clock.

Your Nose to Smell Mold

We are blessed with a nose. Mold smells with a distinctive odor in the air surrounding the area where it has found a home. If you are unsure of what it smells like, think the smell of wet clothes that have been left in a pile for a couple of days. That is a prime mold home.

Touch for Dampness

This is most common for rental homes, where you might not see the place for months at a time. If you know of any wet spots, a quick walk or hand tap in the area will confirm whether the area is in fact damp therefore likely promoting the growth of mold. If you happen to do this touch test with bare skin, make sure you thoroughly clean yourself posttest as you have likely been directly exposed to mold.

Using Our Sight

Imagine if we could not see mold! Luckily in nearly all cases, when we see mold on a surface directly its color contrasts against the surface it’s living on. If you see mold forming, you can nip it in the bud right away. If you know of areas that are hidden to the naked eye, take a quick look behind cupboard doors and shelves to see if you can spot any mold.


This is quite simple. When there is rain falling, listen for any heavy droplets. If you can hear any drips from a consistent spot, check out the suspected area for pooling of water. If need be clean up the area and prevent the drip/collection from occurring.

Your senses are perfect for home mold testing in Leesburg, VA. With a little bit of self-awareness to monitor mold using your sight, hearing, smell and touch you can prevent the need for extensive mold testing equipment.

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