Home Mold Testing Warning Signs In Fairfax, VA

Mold Inspection in Burke, VA

Home mold testing in Fairfax, VA is a job you should be doing actively. Some things in life are better never coming across; mold certainly fits into this category. Below we will take a look at situations that if uncared for can foster a perfect little home for mold to embed and expand.

Increased Condensation

If you are in the bathroom and notice condensation is forming on the mirrors and glass faster and remaining longer, there is likely an issue with your ventilation. Make sure to give your ventilation systems frequent cleans; they too can be spots where mold makes a tidy home to ensure your ventilation is 100% in work order.

Pooling of Water

Hopefully you notice pooling water inside right away. Small leaks in the kitchen cupboard, against house foundations and in the corner of outdoor decking are the most common areas to find pooling of water. When it is hot, mold spores love growing in these areas. Clean up the pooling and preventing mold from starting is essential and prevents long-term damage.

Ventilation Not Going Outside

Ventilation is designed to remove moisture from the air and push it outside. For any number of reasons, this may not happen. Make sure that the ventilation in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen are all taking heat and moisture away from the source outside. If there are any holes in the ventilation, you are simply allowing the mold spores to spread to other areas of the house.

Cleaning the Shower with a Scraper

Condensation on the shower is not always evaporated immediately from the showers surface. Getting a purpose made shower scraper which is used after each shower is a way to make sure condensation is completely removed and leaves the shower cleaner for longer.

Warning signs indicates are hazards are ahead. For those undertaking home mold testing in Fairfax, VA keep the above warning signs in mind and take preventative action. Hopefully with consistent checking, the hazard in this case mold will not have started spreading before you address the concern.

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