DIY Home Mold Testing In Burke, VA

Mold Inspection in Burke, VA

Home mold testing for Burke, VA residents is no joke. Mold does not take long to form when the conditions are right, and given fungi multiple not addressing the issue immediately compounds the nasty, sometimes devastating impact from mold.

Check Roof Gutters Regularly

Roof gutters channel water away from the house to ensure wet areas do not become stagnant on the structure of the home. Every time there is a windy day, take a quick look around the gutters to ensure there is no foliage build up. Preventing the water from flowing can see mold forming on your house.

Make Sure Ventilation Is Working (and use it)

Ventilation should be flowing to the outside of your home from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. If you notice the condensation levels linger around the bathroom longer over time, make sure the ventilation is actually working, and question those who use the bathroom as to whether they are using the ventilation system.

Grounds Surrounding House Foundation

This one can be easy to overlook. Ensure your ground slopes away from your house. If you are unsure in some areas, take a vessel of water and pour it on the suspect area and watch how the water reacts. The reason for this is water getting in and around your foundation can cause extensive, expensive, sometimes irreparable damage if mold spreads.

Check The Humidity Inside

Testing the humidity levels inside is easy with a device from any Burke, VA hardware store. Mold thrives in humidity levels exceeding 60%. Ideally humidity will be below 50% all day. Be aware humidity fluctuates throughout the day, and on a day-to-day basis so keep the checks to random times as well as the hottest part of the day for safety.

House mold testing from Burke, VA residents needs to be taken seriously throughout the year. These methods can be done with a minimal amount of time and can save plenty of hassles and unexpected costs when done consistently.

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