Critical Things You Need to Discover About Home Asbestos Inspections in Woodbridge, VA

Home Asbestos Inspections in Woodbridge, VA.

Help Identify Asbestos in Woodbridge, VA with Home Asbestos Inspections

Hearing the word asbestos could not have too much significance for you if you may not have had previous exposure to it. Nonetheless, if you plan to buy a home, it is critical to identify whether there's asbestos within. Remember that exposure to the material could lead to health implications, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

We often receive many queries about asbestos from potential homeowners. Our article below will discuss the critical things you need to discover about home asbestos inspections in Woodbridge, VA.

But, first, let's find out:

Envirotex is a licensed, asbestos inspection and abatement contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Thorough site decontamination
  • Lawful disposal
  • All asbestos testing performed by an independent, certified lab

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos comprises silicate mineral fibers that can be hard to determine. It is a component that may be found in some of the home elements, such as fire and heat–resistant insulation. Asbestos may also be found in the ceiling, interior walls, and floors.

Some manufacturers also use it as car parts for gaskets and brake linings. It is a malleable and durable product, hence making it an attractive option for such uses. The most common type is chrysotile, but there are five other types.

Over time, most people stopped using asbestos to build their houses. However, until the 1980s, many construction companies continued to use asbestos in some of the buildings. It's essential to get comprehensive home asbestos inspections in Woodbridge, VA. It helps to identify and remove any asbestos.

Keep in mind that private homeowners mustn't get rid of asbestos from their properties. However, the case is different for commercial property owners. Therefore, ensure you get a proper asbestos inspection if you want to purchase a home.

Health Implications of Asbestos

Long–term asbestos exposure can result in several issues. The most common is lung cancer and mesothelioma, which will attack your abdominal and chest cavities. It may also cause some damage to the fibrous lung tissues.

Symptoms may not be evident until 20 to 30 years since you were first exposed to the asbestos materials. Disturbing asbestos fibers can result in their release into the atmosphere. Any home DIY projects that include sanding, sawing, or scrapping could also destabilize the asbestos.

You are at risk of developing the health implications the more you live in a home that contains this high–risk silicate mineral fiber.

There are two classifications to be aware of:

  • Friable asbestos refers to those that will quickly crumble. Friable asbestos is hazardous because once airborne, you breathe it in. Continued exposure will result in profound health implications, as we have highlighted above.
  • Non–friable asbestos is more solid in nature. The fibers will not release the dangerous particles into the air. It is, however, possible to make them friable if you disturb them.

If you live in one of the older homes, it is possible to know if you may be having health implications from the asbestos. Look out for signs like chest pain, crackling sounds when you breathe, and wheezing sounds. The signs above show that you may have plaque or fluid buildup in your lungs.

Keep in mind that you may confuse the symptoms with those of an ordinary cold. These symptoms may, however, persist for a longer time. In this case, please seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Home Asbestos Inspections in Woodbridge, VA; Why You Need to Ask for It

You may think that home inspectors will immediately check for asbestos. The truth is that; it is not a routine examination, and most of them will not do it. You must ask them to check, especially if you are buying one of the older homes. They have the relevant tools and equipment to carry out such inspections.

We would recommend that you work with a proficient company such as Envirotex that has the skills and qualifications to do asbestos testing. We know exactly where to get the samples for the best results.

What You Must Know About Asbestos in Home Inspections

As we have already highlighted, it is not possible to see asbestos with the naked eye. We must take samples and test them in the lab. This allows us to establish if the home contains asbestos or not.

Special equipment like transmission electron microscopy and polarized light microscopy is used for the testing process.

It is essential that the handling of samples happens with the proper safety measures in place. Having the right tools is also mandatory. Unless it is your area of expertise, consider it an investment in your health and safety to call in the experts.

What will the Experts Do if They Discover Asbestos in the Home?

There are several options that home inspectors can take if they discover asbestos in your home. Such include:–

  • The removal of the asbestos can be costlier for you. You may, for example, need to replace the entire section. It will, however, depend on where the home inspectors find the asbestos. It also requires careful handling of the material to not find its way into the environment.

  • The process of removing asbestos is very complicated and time–consuming. It requires proper training. Moreover, we do not always rush to eradicate the material from your house. If we find that the asbestos does not expose you to any health risk due to its state, we may recommend repair work instead.
  • Repair work so that you can maintain the asbestos without having to remove it. In this case, the home inspectors can recommend:–

    • A sealant to bind the fibers together– We may also decide to coat the fibers to avoid floating in the air. We will typically recommend this if the asbestos is in the boilers, furnace, or pipes.
    • We can cover the asbestos with a protective wrap. If we, for example, find a section of the pipe without proper insulation, we will use this alternative. It is a cheaper option than total removal, which would require parts replacement.

Should You Purchase a Home with Asbestos?

What happens when you discover that the home you want to buy has asbestos? It can be a tricky decision on whether you should go ahead with the transactions. Note that it needs not to be a deal–breaker; you only need to take the necessary steps. Here is what we would recommend:–

  • Ask for a home inspection and get an accurate report. Ensure you confirm the accreditation of the company you may plan to work with. It pays to contract a company that has the proper training and certification for such a complicated task.

  • Consider it a worthy investment because you must know whether the property is safe for human occupation. If the fibers are still undamaged and well in place, then you don't have to worry.
  • If there are signs of asbestos, you may want to consider the cost of repair or removal. Since you could be liable for the cost of removal, it may impact the home's overall cost.

  • Have a discussion with the homeowner to reach a comfortable agreement for both of you. You can ask that they take on some of the cost. If they are not willing to, you may want to reconsider the whole transaction.
  • Determine whether or not you will need to make some improvements to the building. Renovations may result in disturbing the asbestos. You may need to remove it once you decide to start any construction or changes to the home.

Some homeowners may be aware that there is asbestos on the property. They, however, do not disclose this information to potential homebuyers. If you can determine that the homeowner knew the situation, you can pursue legal recourse. Some states' law necessitates the seller to be honest about such relevant information.

Call Envirotex Today for Home Asbestos Inspections in Woodbridge, VA

We have looked at what you need to know about home asbestos inspections in your Woodbridge, VA property. Long–term asbestos exposure can lead to profound health implications. Do not let things get to a critical level before you call us in for a home inspection.

We've been in the asbestos removal and remediation field for over 20 years, hence a vast experience for the work. Our teams have undergone thorough training and understand everything to do with asbestos.

You have resources such as those we offer at Envirotex to help you. Contact us by giving your details in the form on our website, and we will get back to you for a discussion about inspecting your property.

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