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Flexible, malleable, versatile, and excellent insulation material; those are just some ways to describe asbestos’ properties. The naturally occurring mineral has found many uses in industrial applications.

Envirotex is a licensed, asbestos inspection and abatement contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Thorough site decontamination
  • Lawful disposal
  • All asbestos testing performed by an independent, certified lab

Yet, several countries have banned its use. Why, you may ask? It’s because it is hazardous and is a leading cause of death. Research shows that up to 39,000 deaths occur on American soil due to asbestos-related complications. It is crucial to get a home asbestos inspection in Arlington, VA. Our article will show you why.

What You Need to Know About Asbestos

Asbestos was a popular component in construction material. You can also find it in car parts like gaskets and brake linings. Despite its many benefits, long-term exposure can lead to serious health implications.

You will no longer find it in use in some countries. Unfortunately, the US is not one of them. Older homes may have some building material containing asbestos. Yet, the same may be true for some of the newer homes. Insulation, floor tiles, cement, pipes, and walls are some of the places you may find it. If you want to buy a home in Arlington, VA, read on to know why it is imperative to get a home asbestos inspection.

Asbestos Is Dangerous

All the six asbestos types commonly identified are known to be harmful when inhaled. The fibers are very thin and needlelike. When the asbestos crumbles, the fibers become airborne. Every breath you take may be putting you in danger. Unfortunately, you cannot see the fibers; neither do they have a smell that can provide some warning. So, you could live in your home for years and not know that you could be slowly dying because of asbestos.

Health complications of asbestos include different types of cancers. Such include mesothelioma and cancer of the larynx, ovary, and lungs. You may be lucky to evade cancer; but, you could develop other complications like asbestosis and pleural effusions and plaques.

If that is not bad enough, here is another reason to call in the experts for a home asbestos inspection in Arlington, VA. According to the American Cancer Society, most diagnosis occurs after a minimum of 15 years. Yet, it can take as long as 30 years for symptoms to start showing for some people.

Where are You Most Likely to Find Asbestos in the Home?

Asbestos is a versatile, flexible material. That is why it continues to find use in many different applications. You may, therefore, find it in cement, roof shingles, and ceiling or floor tiles. Asbestos is heat resistant and provides excellent insulation. You will, therefore, find its use in steam pipes and spray-on insulation. Even the textured paint you use may contain asbestos. To date, you may find asbestos present in over a dozen applications.

Does the Mere Presence of Asbestos Portend Danger?

The simplest answer would be yes. However, such a simplistic response may be a bit misleading. The reality is that; asbestos is not dangerous until it crumbles and releases the fibers into the air. There are two forms you need to be aware of.

  • Friable asbestos means it is in a brittle state and can easily crumble or disintegrate.
  • Non-friable means the fibers are intact and tightly woven within the structure. Industrial processes bind the asbestos together with other materials. This keeps it in a safe state and will not harm anyone within the home.

Do note; you can easily make non-friable asbestos friable. Cutting through asbestos-containing material can cause it to disintegrate. Let’s say you want to renovate the home; there will be lots of sawing, pounding, drilling, and cutting involved in the process. Unless the construction company left labels showing areas they used asbestos, you would not know its presence. Yet, you could save yourself serious problems by contracting a company like Envirotex to do a home asbestos inspection in Arlington, VA.

Can You Do a Home Asbestos Inspection in Arlington, VA, By Yourself?

The only time we would say yes, is if you have the relevant knowledge. First, you cannot see the asbestos fibers in the air. Secondly, you need specialized tools and equipment to handle the task. Third, collecting samples requires you to know where to look.

The home inspection process is a delicate, dangerous task. At Envirotex, we train our technicians on best practices. Here is what to expect during the home inspection.

  • Our technicians will collect samples from different parts of the home.
  • The samples will then go to a lab for testing. The technicians use specific testing methods like Polarized Light Microscopy. They also have the option of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).
  • We then recommend the right course of action if we find asbestos in the home.

Some home sellers may have already carried out a home inspection. In this case, they should disclose the information to you at the time of the discussions. It is, however, not a legal requirement for them to do the inspection. Only commercial properties must show proof of an asbestos inspection.

If you request a home inspection, the cost is your responsibility. However, make sure you negotiate with the homeowner. Some are willing to share the cost with potential buyers.

Do note; the testing process may cause some damage to the house. Collecting samples may require drilling or even removing parts of the house. Some homeowners may not be comfortable with this. Make sure you have a good understanding of what the process may entail. We often advise our clients on what a typical inspection and testing is like. If the seller is not willing, you have to decide if you want to inspect at your own cost. Secondly, the future plans you have will determine whether to proceed. If you plan to renovate, please conduct the home inspection.

What Happens if the Home Contains Asbestos?

We typically recommend two courses of action if we find asbestos in the home. We could recommend remediation or removal. Here is what it means.

Remediation is the best option if the asbestos is in a non-friable state. We do all we can to ensure we leave the asbestos alone. We can seal it so that no one disturbs it further. Unfortunately, this course of action will determine what you can do on the property. Any renovations, remodeling, or extensions may not be possible. At that time, you will need to remove the asbestos to make the area workable.

A removal is a costly option that we only recommend if asbestos is in a friable state. In this case, we may replace the material that contains asbestos. The task requires delicate handling of the material and proper disposal of what we remove. Do note; if the asbestos is in a friable state, the only option you have is to remove it.

The company may require you to vacate the house during the home inspection and remediation or removal. It will depend on the level of work they must undertake. If you have small children or pets, you may want to leave anyway.

It is better to keep them safe if the sample collection results in the release of fibers into the atmosphere. While the contractor may have safety gear, you will not have the same options. Ask a friend or family member to accommodate you during the test. Alternatively, you can book an affordable hotel for the duration of the home inspection.

The contracting company should provide you with a transparent quote detailing all the activities they will undertake. That is why it is essential to contact a professional company to do a home inspection.

Envirotex is All You Need for an Asbestos Home Inspection in Arlington, VA

Envirotex has been in the asbestos home inspection business for over 30 years. We do not take the health of our clients lightly. That is why we spare no costs in training and equipping our teams. Before buying that home, please let professional home inspectors declare it safe.

Our teams are available at your convenience for home asbestos inspection. Please fill in the form on our website. One of our trained technicians will get in touch for a consultation.

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