Asbestos Do's and Don'ts Inside Your Gainesville, VA Home

Asbestos Removal in Burke, VA

A mineral fiber that can be identified only by professionals, asbestos can create personal health and indoor air quality detriments when disturbed. If you think your Gainesville, VA home may contain asbestos, do not disturb it, as asbestos fibers are potentially harmful when disturbed and set into the air. Generally, material in good condition will not release asbestos fibers.

Envirotex is a licensed, asbestos inspection and abatement contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Lawful disposal

If you suspect that asbestos is in your Gainesville, VA home:

  • Do check material regularly. Don't touch it, but look for signs of wear or damage, such as tears, abrasions, or water damage.
  • Do limit access to the suspect area and do not touch or disturb it.
  • Do call a professional whenever you suspect asbestos may be in your home.
  • Do take every precaution to avoid damaging asbestos material.
  • Don't dust, sweep, or vacuum debris that may contain asbestos.
  • Don't saw, sand, scrape, or drill holes in asbestos materials.
  • Don't track material that could have contained asbestos through the house.

For more information on asbestos and what to do if you believe asbestos is in your home, contact Envirotex Environmental Services. Envirotex Environmental provides state of the art mold and moisture inspections, mold identification and remediation, air quality testing, and asbestos inspection and removal services throughout Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, and in such communities surrounding Gainesville, VA.

About Envriotex Environmental Services

Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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