Why Is Formaldehyde Removal Necessary In Northern Virginia

Formaldehyde Removal in Northern VA

Learn More about Formaldehyde in Your Northern VA Home

In 2011 it was discovered by the National Toxicology Program that formaldehyde was toxic and known to be a human carcinogen. Until this time formaldehyde had been used in just about everything we use. Since it is a natural byproduct of CH2O it can still be found in homes all across Northern Virginia. Over time it turns into a gas and is released in many Northern Virginia homes. It is known to have many negative long-term effects including various health hazards such as increased risk of cancer and other diseases. This is why formaldehyde removal has become a necessity for homeowners all across Northern Virginia.

Now that we know the true damage that can be dealt by formaldehyde we are starting to look for better ways to do formaldehyde removal inside of Northern Virginia homes. It can be difficult to completely remove formaldehyde so instead we will test for the levels and then create a plan for you to help reduce levels initially and keep them low in a more long-term state. The less formaldehyde that you come in contact the safer you will be, so it is a good idea to have a formaldehyde removal performed sooner rather than later. Once the first test is complete you’re going to get an idea of how bad the issue is in your home and what you should do about it. A good professional formaldehyde removal in Northern Virginia is going to be a great place to start in taking good care of yourself and your family.

When it comes to formaldehyde removal always remember that this is a nonstop problem. Just because we did not know about it before 2011 does not mean that it was still bad for us. All you can do is take care of your Northern Virginia home from here on out through proper care and timely professional formaldehyde removal. If you are still not sure how this process works, feel free to give our Northern Virginia team a call and we will help you out.

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