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Formaldehyde Removal in Burke VA

Learn More about Formaldehyde in Your Burke, VA Home

Formaldehyde is likely a term you have picked up from various ways in your day-to-day living. That is because it naturally forms in fruit, humans ourselves produce it and it is used in everyday cleaning products from time to time – this is just to name a couple. Why would you need Burke, VA formaldehyde removal specialists then?

Unhealthy Levels Of Formaldehyde In Your Home

While the direct health related issues of over exposure to formaldehyde continues to be studied, it is believed the exposure can cause addiction and cancer long term. Short-term exposure can result in the following symptoms, headaches, itchy eyes, shortness of breaths, insomnia and mood swings to name a few. The tricky part is each person reacts differently and therefore narrowing down the issues to formaldehyde is tough.

Sources Of Excessive Formaldehyde

The main sources of formaldehyde in large quantities are blackened food, kitchen smoke, candles, fireplaces and other nearby places outside. The kitchen gas stove is the worst of all, believed to cause many issues. If you are sensitive to formaldehyde and use many skin care products, this is a liability as is wooden furniture and laminate flooring.

How To Get Rid Of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde removal can be performed by a few methods of your own. Decreasing the room temperature decreases the levels as heat volatizes the gases, the same goes with humidity levels. Following on, any of the above sources of excessive formaldehyde should be removed from direct sunlight. The more sunlight the hotter they get, in turn producing more formaldehyde. Ventilation is another step to help reduce heat as more fresh air leads to less purging of chemicals, which means less formaldehyde forming. While you can use dehumidifiers and air filters, keeping in mind the above ideas in your day-to-day life will hopefully provide noticeable benefits at minimal cost.

Still Having Trouble?

Formaldehyde removal by Burke, VA experts is likely your next step. They are able to measure the levels in the air and take the appropriate action to bring them down to livable levels using various techniques.

Formaldehyde is a tricky subject to navigate given that it is produced by living organisms and is contained in so many household products. Formaldehyde removal in Burke, VA on your own is possible, however for more serious cases, you will need to bring in local experts.

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