Black Mold – A Growing Problem for Commercial Properties in Middleburg, VA

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Business Suspects Black Mold in Middleburg, VA

Do you own a business in Middleburg, VA? Some business owners have reported problems with black mold growing on their property. Just last month we worked with a restaurant owner who had a major case of black mold. He had discovered it in his basement storage area while moving some boxes. Apparently the black mold was starting to grow right in the corner of his store room in Middleburg, VA. Luckily he was able to call our company and we helped with the removal process. Together we were able to create a plan to handle the black mold removal discreetly so that no guests would discover the problem. Thankfully he caught wind of it before it became a big issue and none of the food was affected.

Envirotex is a licensed mold contractor experienced with black mold in Middleburg, VA. We offer:

  • State-of-the-art, scientifically-based black mold remediation in Middleburg, VA.
  • Envirotex licenses and certifications include: Asbestos Inspector license, a Class A Commonwealth of Virginia contractors license, EPA accreditation, OSHA certification, and a Virginia aerosol monitoring & analysis certificate.

More about Black Mold in Middleburg, VA

The same situation could easily happen to your property in Middleburg, VA. This is why it is important to review the state of your business on a regular basis and check for any areas that receive excessive dampness. Places where black mold often grows is in a room with leaks in the walls or also behind washer machines. If you let a problem go too long without proper mold removal it could become a hazard to your company. Envirotex offers many black mold removal options for Middleburg, VA residents. We can schedule a time for you that will work well for everybody involved. We want to make sure that you can easily prioritize the black mold removal in order to get it done.

For questions about how Envirotex can help your company in Middleburg, VA just give us a call. Our staff is fully trained in black mold removal and we are ready to assist you in any way necessary. Together we can form a black mold removal plan in order to protect your Middleburg, VA business. We care a great deal about the people of Middleburg, VA and we want to make sure that you always have access to quality black mold removal services.

About Envriotex Environmental Services

Established in Northern Virginia in 2000, Envirotex Environmental Services was founded on military service. While serving his country, the company's owner Mr. Freeman gained vast knowledge and experience in the environmental services field. His expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing prepared him for his post-military career.

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