Identifying Common Types of Mold in Northern, VA

Mold Treatment in Burke, VA

For most people, all molds look the same. It has that spotty, dark appearance which we all recognize as being mold. But there are actually a wide variety of types of mold that can be growing in our homes in Northern Virginia. Whether it is in the bathroom, or whether we’re dealing with basement mold, it is important to know exactly which type you’re dealing with so that you know the best way to remove it.

Tips to identify common types of mold

  • Protection. Make sure that you’re wearing the appropriate protection when inspecting basement mold in Northern Virginia, as it can have negative effects on your health, causing some people to have allergic reactions.
  • Color. The color of the basement mold can vary between grey, black, brown, green or even blue. Darker colored molds are common in homes and usually fit within some specific strains. Lighter colored molds are common outdoor plant types of mold.
  • Texture. Make sure that you’re careful when touching mold, and wear the appropriate gloves. If the mold looks slimy and is growing in streaks, it is likely to be “black mold” which is the type of mold that commonly causes allergies in humans. If the basement mold is fuzzy, it will be one of the other common types of mold in Northern Virginia, and potentially even food mold that has migrated.
  • Testing. If the basement mold is extensive or doesn’t seem to fit any of these descriptions, it is recommended that you have it tested. There are countless different types of mold beyond the more common types found in homes in Northern Virginia, and the only definitive way to determine the type (and therefore the best way to remove it) is to have it professionally tested.

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