Common Causes of Basement Mold Burke, VA

Mold Treatment in Burke, VA

Mold is becoming an increasingly common problem for homes and business in the Burke, VA area. It can grow in any number of areas, but particularly those that can accumulate moisture. Basement mold is an especially common problem, as is mold in bathrooms and laundries. The key cause of mold is moisture, but this can come from a variety of sources.

Common causes of basement mold

  • Humidity. Depending upon the climate in your area, at times of high humidity basement mold can grow quite easily. This is especially the case when it has been raining for a few days, as moisture can build up quite easily in many homes in Burke, VA.
  • Poor ventilation. Without proper and sufficient air flow, areas of stagnant air can create the perfect environment for basement mold to grow. The other side effect of poor ventilation is that wet surfaces, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, take much longer to dry, meaning that mold has more time to grow in Burke, VA.
  • Wet clothes. We all have those times when the housework gets away from us and we seem to have piles of dirty clothes. But leaving your clothes wet or damp for more than a day can result in mold growth. Many homes in Burke, VA have their laundries in the basement, resulting in basement mold growing. This is even more common when a drier is also used, which releases a lot of moisture into the area.
  • Leaking pipes and roofs. Particularly common in older houses, any sort of leak from a pipe or from the roofing can be very hard to diagnose as they are often hidden away, such as behind walls. These can be very slow leaks, which will result in excessive moisture growth if left untreated.

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