Is Asbestos Testing in Fairfax, VA Necessary?

Asbestos Testing in Fairfax, VA

When Asbestos Testing May Be Required

Asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA can be admissible evidence required by a judge or mandated by law. Envirotex provides superior professional asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA, along with inspection and asbestos remediation in buildings constructed before 1978. Asbestos is a natural, microscopic fibrous mineral used in many materials for construction, insulation, paint, home appliances, and car parts.

Envirotex is a licensed asbestos testing, inspection, and remediation contractor. We offer:

  • Asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA performed by an independent accredited lab to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Environmental services for indoor air quality, mold, lead and asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA

Asbestos Testing in Fairfax, VA

Selling or purchasing a residential property? Discuss asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA with your Realtor®, and complete required disclosure forms. If you are absolutely certain your home has asbestos, indicate this in your legal disclosure agreement. If you do hire an inspector for asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA, include a copy of the inspection results in the asbestos disclosure.

Asbestos-containing insulation can be coated, encapsulated, or encased in protective wrap to seal it from eventual deterioration. Signs of cracked piping or crumbling walls should be tested for asbestos, and are best left undisturbed until analyzed by a licensed, expert professional experienced in asbestos testing in Fairfax, VA. Contact Envirotex and schedule a convenient time for expert licensed asbestos testing in Fairfax,VA.

About Envriotex Environmental Services

If you suspect you have dangerous asbestos in your Northern Virginia home, or suspect it lurks in the walls of your home or office, call the environmental services specialists at Envirotex today to schedule your asbestos inspection in Fairfax, VA today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, Envirotex is the area's premier asbestos inspection, testing, encapsulation and removal contractors.

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