Why You Should Remove Asbestos from Your Reston, VA Home

Asbestos Removal in Reston, VA

Leave Asbestos Removal to the Pros

If your state has a licensing program, be sure your contractor is certified for asbestos removal in Reston, VA. If no certification program exists, get proof workers are trained through an EPA-approved program.

Look for the following signs of asbestos-containing products in your Reston home:

  • Wrapped ducts should be removed if the wrapping is friable. A stop-gap measure is to have the ducts encapsulated.
  • Asbestos pipe wrap, often covered with canvas, has a crumbly white surface.
  • Asbestos fibers can collect on the ground or floor beneath ductwork or piping. Have these areas cleaned by a trained asbestos abatement professional
  • Sprayed-acoustical or “popcorn,” ceilings have an insignificant percentage of asbestos, though some have as much as 40%, so avoid scraping or sanding them.

More about Asbestos Removal

When it comes to insured damage to your home, asbestos removal may be covered under your homeowner’s policy. It’s important to diligently review your insurance documents to determine if there are any exclusions for asbestos removal. The specific word “asbestos” may be overlooked for so a broader term such as “pollutant” or “contaminant”. Take time to understand any potential exposure you might risk depending on what insurance coverage is or is not applicable.

Often asbestos removal in Reston, VA comes down to familiarity with the EPA asbestos regulations and your individual asbestos test results. If you receive test results confirming the presence of asbestos and the need for asbestos removal from your Reston, VA home, your asbestos contractor will safely ensure the asbestos work performed in your home is done in accordance with the highest asbestos-industry standard protocols.

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