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Asbestos has been used for many years throughout the country including Falls Church VA and Northern Virginia in the fabrication of pipe insulation, floor tiles, paint, ceiling tiles and most fire-resistant fabrics. It wasn’t until the last 20 years that scientists and medical professionals discovered the link between asbestos and several serious — or fatal — health problems. The seriousness of the asbestos related health issues — ranging from respiratory issues to lung cancer — shocked many and prompted asbestos removal and abatement in commercial buildings and homes.

Envirotex Environmental Services specializes in testing, safe containment and removal of asbestos-containing materials from your home, such as:

  • vinyl tile
  • linoleum
  • duct work
  • stucco
  • plaster

More about Asbestos Removal

When disturbed or damaged, for example by scraping, the asbestos fibers in building materials break apart and end up in the air. Once in the air, the fibers are inhaled leading to the risk of asbestos related health issues. It is therefore very important that the correct asbestos removal techniques are used to prevent contamination being released. Fibers must be prevented from entering the air in your home.

Common types of commercially used asbestos include chrysotile, crocidolite and amosite, typically known as white asbestos, blue asbestos and brown asbestos. White asbestos is the most common, brown asbestos is used mostly in building materials and blue asbestos is used for high-temperature applications.

Until recent times, asbestos was not considered to be problematic and was widely used in everything from brake pads for your car to home insulation and ceiling tiles. But, studies have now shown asbestos to be a major contributor to often terminal illnesses such as lung cancer.

Asbestos is a fiber that has been frequently used in construction materials due to its fire-retardant properties. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned its use in several products due to health concerns.

In today’s world, asbestos is typically found only in older homes including those located in Falls Church, Virginia, since these were built prior to EPA and CPSC bans were put in place. Old homes typically contain asbestos in pipe insulation, furnace insulation, shingles, textured paints, floor tiles and millboard. If the asbestos stays in place and is not damaged – either through removal of these surfaces or from deterioration from water damage – asbestos typically is not harmful. However, as soon as these materials are damaged – either intentionally or otherwise – the asbestos fibers become airborne and become dangerous.

High concentrations of airborne asbestos are typically found after asbestos-containing materials are disrupted by cutting, sanding or other actions during home remodeling. In some circumstances, inexperienced and untrained homeowners attempt asbestos removal practices on their own and cause more harm to their family than good.

While the health effects of asbestos are not immediately visible and are often unknown for many years, the long-term risk includes lung diseases such as cancer and emphysema, along with cancers of the stomach, chest and abdominal areas. Smokers are at an even higher risk for developing asbestos-related lung cancer due to the already present damage to their lungs.

Never attempt to remove asbestos from your Falls Church, VA home on your own. Improper asbestos removal techniques often lead to further damage and greater health risks. Contact an asbestos removal company such as those at Environmental Services. In some situations, simply leaving the asbestos alone and in-tact is the best approach; however, if removal is warranted, Envirotex will devise a plan for your asbestos removal, also known as asbestos abatement, needs.

Envirotex Environmental Services is professionally trained in asbestos inspection and asbestos removal and abatement and is licensed in Falls Church VA by the state of Virginia. Often upon inspection, we find the asbestos-containing product is in good enough condition to simply be left alone or sealed and does not require removal.

For more information on asbestos removal contact Envirotex Environmental Services. Serving Falls Church, Virginia and surrounding, Northern Virginia communities, Envirotex professionals have completed countless asbestos removal projects in neighborhoods throughout Northern Virginia including the town of Falls Church, VA.

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If you suspect you have dangerous asbestos in your Northern Virginia home, or suspect it lurks in the walls of your home or office, call the environmental services specialists at Envirotex today to schedule your asbestos inspection in Falls Church, VA today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, Envirotex is the area's premier asbestos inspection, testing, encapsulation and removal contractors.

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