Reston, VA Asbestos Remediation - Is it Necessary?

Asbestos Abatement in Fairfax, VA

Asbestos Remediation in Reston, VA is the Best Option

Asbestos remediation in Reston, VA just like suburbs around the state and across the USA was happening at a rapid rate when the news about the health effects of asbestos made it onto the front page of the newspapers. There is $3 – 4 billion spent on asbestos remediation every year and will be going forward. So why would you not have asbestos remediation completed?

The Real Health Effects

When the initial health findings were released they were scary to read – everyone freaked out. That was mainly due to the issues of those who were working directly with the product and therefore the fibers were being illustrated and when they were dealing with it day-to-day, they did not stand much chance. The public was scared and overcoming that fear is never easy. In reality, the science indicates that asbestos may increase the death to cancer related causes by a handful each year. In relation to smoking, skin cancer, car crashes and gun violence, the numbers are irrelevant. But public awareness has led to billions of dollars spent on removing asbestos from schools and other public areas when the effect is nominal.

Insurance Companies Are The Ones Who Don’t Take The Risk

Insurance companies will not jump at the chance to insure a home with asbestos in it. Whether the home has asbestos damaged material or not, the insurance companies want to reduce the risk of having to pay out for asbestos related cases in Reston, VA homes.

Asbestos Remediation May Be the Best Choice

Asbestos continues to remain present, mostly in water pipes, roof coatings, and other household materials. Reston, VA asbestos remediation is always the best choice if you believe you have a disturbed asbestos problem in your home. If you have suspect asbestos containing materials in your home and it is in good condition away from regular traffic, it is usually safer to leave it alone.

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