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If you have a thorough understanding of asbestos, what it is, how it forms, what are the danger signs, you may be wondering if asbestos remediation in Northern Virginia is regulated. After all, we are dealing with a potentially dangerous material. Here is what you need to know about asbestos regulation in Northern Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)

With significant scientific health reports released in 1991, DOLI introduced the asbestos notification and permit program in 1992. The various laws associated are enforced through three organizations (VOSH, NESHAPS and the Labor Laws of Virginia).

Why Were The Laws Not In Place Sooner

It’s not exactly known why Governments do or do not do things, but the dramatic findings released in 1991 and the public fear to follow triggered governing agencies to put in place regulations right away. Previously there had been research released that signified asbestos dangers, but ultimately who are we to understand Governments.

Do I Have To Have Asbestos Removed

In short, no you do not. If your house is in good condition and material-containing asbestos is not damaged, deteriorated or exposed you can live life as you were before you became aware of asbestos. If you are going to have asbestos removed, you are not legally allowed to go through with the removal yourself – nor would you want to. You must choose a DOLI licensed to complete asbestos remediation in Northern Virginia.

What Do I Have To Tell The Regulators

DOLI has various laws in place that are confusing when you take a first look at them. If the asbestos is only a small spot, you probably will not need to tell the Government however the licensed agency you choose will be able to give you all the information you need and can fill out the paperwork as required.

Asbestos remediation in Northern Virginia evolved rapidly in 1991 once the scientific reports were released about the potential deadly characteristics of asbestos were released. While the initial public fear has now subdued, the continued governance of asbestos removal and consumption is expected to cost Governments across the United States billions each year.

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