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Save the Health of Your Family with Asbestos Remediation in Leesburg, VA

The health effects of asbestos came too late for many with mining of asbestos prevalent in the early 19th century causing many illnesses and early deaths to miners and homeowners, unaware of the toxicity. Note, if you think you have asbestos in your home consider asbestos remediation for your Leesburg, VA home in consultation with experts.


This is a problem in your lungs causing shortness of breath and coughing. Over a prolonged period lung scarring can cause further breathing related problems.


Cancer is possible. The rare cancer mesothelioma can be diagnosed in Leesburg, VA residents with no asbestos remediation in the home when it is sorely needed. This cancer affects the lungs, chest cavity and your abdomen.

If you are a smoker you are already putting yourself at risk of lung cancer, which can also be a result of asbestos exposure.

More Lung Problems

Other lung related problems that can be caused by asbestos are pleural plaques, lung membrane thickening and pleural effusions. While these may sound like high tech diseases, the simple way to describe it is horrible. Asbestos exposure is no joke.

Other Potential Links

Studies relating asbestos to health issues will continue for years to come. There have been links to cancers in the gastro tract, throat, kidney, brain and bladder. Be honest, you do not want to increase your risk of these diseases. If you believe your home may be exposed to asbestos fibers, act now with professional asbestos remediation.

Everyone Can Be Affected

Everyday, plumbers, electricians and other tradesman are exposed to asbestos. Often they will be unaware of the exposure and before they know it health prevents them from living a healthy day-to-day life. If your home is going to be under renovations, do the right thing and have your home tested for asbestos before the work commences.

Asbestos is everywhere, asbestos fibers are even said to be in our drinking water (at minute levels it does not hurt us). Asbestos remediation in your Leesburg, VA home is better late than never, your health as well as others matters most.

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