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Asbestos Abatement in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax, VA Asbestos Remediation is the Safest Choice

Asbestos remediation in Fairfax, VA is a common occurrence in today’s age, however it has not always been considered the bad guy. Asbestos was mined from chrysotile as the fibers it is made up of had great properties for housing construction. Once the health issues of asbestos start affecting you however, you can be on a slippery slope. Here is how to prevent the risk of asbestos in your home.

Many houses in the USA were built with asbestos insulation from 1930 to 1950. If your house was built in this period, you could well be at risk. Do not go busting down walls yourself trying to find out for yourself, in doing so, you are putting everyone at risk. Contact local experts in Fairfax, VA asbestos remediation and have them come and get a sample that will need to be lab tested in most cases.

Other things to look for around the home for possible sources of asbestos are cement roofing, siding shingles, insulation, stove top pads, sounds proofing materials and insulation on coal furnaces as well as hot water pipes.

While asbestos materials may be present in your home, the only time they become dangerous is when they are damaged or the material starts to deteriorate enabling the fibers to be released into the air we breathe.

Therefore when renovating a home, ensure you do not touch any loosely filled insulation or remove roof shingles. If the renovations you are working on involves a lot of cutting, manipulating and sanding, you can accidentally damage asbestos contaminated materials. If you believe you are at high risk of doing this 100%, make sure you have an expert come into your home and test for asbestos. If asbestos remediation can be completed before the fibers become airborne, you save yourself a lot of long-term pain.

While mining for asbestos has ceased worldwide in the mid-20th century, two million tons of chrysotile was mined in Russia in 2009. There is no safe level of asbestos in your home so always consider asbestos remediation for your Fairfax, VA home if you believe you are at risk.

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