Do I Need an Asbestos Inspection in Burke, VA?

Asbestos Inspection in Burke, VA.

How an Asbestos Inspection in Burke, VA Saves Future Health Complications

Asbestos has managed to gain a dubious reputation. Some refer to it as a miracle material that has transitioned to a deadly one. Yet it is easy to understand why this happened. Its finer points include fireproofing capabilities, heat resistance, excellent insulation, and soundproofing. In fact, asbestos does not succumb to the normal biological breakdown. Neither does it dissolve, evaporate, burn or react to most chemicals. It could explain why it was such a popular component in many industrial/manufacturing applications. The same applies to the production of construction material.

Envirotex is a licensed, asbestos inspection and abatement contractor. We offer:

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However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that many negative details about asbestos emerged. The most significant is the fact that it is highly toxic. Long–term exposure can result in so many health complications. Yet, it gets even scarier. Please read on to find out everything you need to know about asbestos. We also provide an answer to an important question. Do I need an asbestos inspection in Burke, VA?

Health Implications of Asbestos Exposure

A lot of research shows the linkages between asbestos and some health implications. Long–term exposure can lead to mesothelioma, lung tissue scarring, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Other complications include respiratory illnesses, chest pain, fatigue, and much more. What makes asbestos complications attention–grabbing is that you could live with the symptoms for decades.

The signs may not show for 20 or more years. It gets worse because it is easy to confuse some signs of asbestos poisoning with other illnesses. Shortness of breath or fatigue could be signs of the flu. Improper diagnosis and mismanaging symptoms are often the death ring for asbestos–related fatalities. Asbestos can be unforgiving because it does not matter the level of exposure. Any amount could result in profound health implications.

Understanding the Miracle Material

The fibrous asbestos material is naturally occurring. The asbestos types available fall into two distinct classifications.

  • Serpentine asbestos has flexible, curved, or long serpentine fibers. This contributes to flexibility because it allows for interweaving. The best example of Serpentine asbestos is chrysotile, which appears white. Indeed, chrysotile is the most common variety in manufacturing applications.
  • Amphibole asbestos has stiff and straight fibers. They are not very common in commercial applications because of the brittle nature of the fibers. Examples are Crocidolite, Amosite, Actinolite, Anthophyllite, and Tremolite.

Asbestos, by its nature, is toxic, but what determines its impact is its state.

  • Friable asbestos is unstable and can easily crumble.
  • Non–friable is stable because of the bonding of the fibers. Manufacturers may, for example, use cement to hold the fibers together. There should be no danger of exposure if you do not disturb any asbestos material. Builders hide such material behind floorboards or walls. They also ensure that the product is in good condition before using it.

Ensuring that asbestos does not get into a friable state is very important. Also, remember, it is not possible to see the fibers with the naked eye. You are at immediate risk if it crumbles and gets into the atmosphere. Every inhalation provides the perfect opportunity for the threads to get into your body.

In the beginning, we highlighted the positive aspects of asbestos. Yet, it was impossible to ignore the health concerns and associated fatalities from exposure to it. That is why more than 50 countries worldwide have instituted total bans on asbestos.

Unfortunately, countries like the US and China have not discontinued the use of asbestos. Indeed, they do have regulations and guidelines concerning the use of asbestos. But, it is possible to find asbestos–containing materials and products in the home.

So, if you might have been asking yourself the crucial question, ‘do I need an asbestos inspection in Burke, VA?’ Understand that you indeed do require an asbestos inspection. Read on to find out when.

When Do You Need an Asbestos Inspection in Burke, VA?

There are many construction products containing asbestos. These include: –

  • Insulating material
  • Cement and plaster products
  • Floor tiles
  • House sidings
  • Paper products
  • Roof sealants, and much more

By now, you know that asbestos is like a sleeping beast. If you let it be, you shouldn’t experience any problem. However, if for whatever reason you poke it, the result may not turn out well because, as we said, inhaling asbestos can quickly cause fatality.

You could live in a house for years and remain exposure free. Nonetheless, there are specific scenarios when you should consider an asbestos inspection. This is when: –

  • Renovating or remodeling the house
  • Purchasing a new home; both old and new buildings
  • Undertaking a demolition

So, why are these situations especially significant with regards to asbestos testing?

  • Renovating

When renovating a building, you may decide to make structural changes. As you can well imagine, a lot of destruction occurs. Taking a sledgehammer to the walls or floor tiles is like poking the sleeping beast.

You never know when that hammer could land on a part containing asbestos. Refer to our earlier point about friable and non–friable asbestos. What you may think is cement dust could have other deadly fibers within. The same applies to renovations requiring you to rip out old insulation and much more.

  • Buying

Our second scenario is buying a home. Before the 1980s, there was no restriction on asbestos in building materials. Don’t forget; it was also a very popular material. That makes it very likely that many elements in the older homes may contain the toxic mineral. Countries like the US may restrict using asbestos in building materials, but some household products still include it. Countries like China also still use the material. Yet, it is a significant exporter of different products, including building materials.

So, who bears the cost of an asbestos inspection in such a scenario? The law specifies that anyone selling a commercial building should provide an asbestos report. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to residential home sellers. Some sellers undertake the cost as a way to entice buyers. But since this is not a legal requirement, they don’t have to do it. In that case, you must undertake the total cost or enter a shared payment plan with the homeowner.

  • Demolitions

The same applies to demolitions. The state may require you to carry out a test before bringing down commercial, public or residential units. Ensure you find out what applies in your state and take the necessary steps.

The reality is that an asbestos inspection is a job that you should leave to the professionals. The reasons include: –

  • There is a level of training necessary to handle the toxic material.
  • You must have the appropriate gear to keep you safe in case you disturb the asbestos and release the fibers into the atmosphere.
  • It is essential to know how and where to collect the samples. The experts aim to keep any structural damages to a minimum. They also know where to get the best samples for proper testing.
  • Home testing kits can give false positives. It can also be challenging to interpret the findings without the relevant knowledge. Indeed, professional companies work together with specialized asbestos testing labs. The process is complicated and not something that just anyone can handle.

The experts recommend the next course of action depending on the results. It typically involves remediation that aims at restoring the stable condition around the asbestos–containing material. The other is total removal to get the toxic material out of the property for good.

Envirotex is Your Go–To Solution for Asbestos Testing

Envirotex is the go–to solution for asbestos testing in your Burke, VA home. Our knowledge and experience come from over three decades in the market. We have the best solutions and qualified personnel to handle the tasks.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of clients secure their long–term wellness by inspecting and getting rid of the asbestos in their homes.

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