What You Must Know About Asbestos and Home Inspections in Middleburg, VA

Asbestos and Home Inspections in Middleburg, VA.

Critical Information about Asbestos and Home Inspections in Middleburg, VA

Asbestos has for a long time been a component of many construction and automobile parts. It is a naturally occurring mineral silicate that has some fantastic properties. It is malleable, has high tensile strength and insulating capabilities.

Envirotex is a licensed, asbestos inspection and abatement contractor. We offer:

  • Safe and vigilant containment and removal following the highest safety procedures
  • Thorough site decontamination
  • Lawful disposal
  • All asbestos testing performed by an independent, certified lab

Asbestos was popular in construction materials because of its flexibility. However, you can find it in almost any material within the home. Insulation is the most popular due to its insulating and heat-resistant abilities. You may also find it in ceilings, floors, brake linings, gaskets, and many other places.

It wasn't until the mid-1970s and early 80s that some countries banned its use. There was sufficient research to show that some health implications were attributable to asbestos. But, some countries like the United States continue to use it in industries. This means that even your new home could have some asbestos-containing material.

If you've heard any reports that asbestos is dangerous, you need to pay attention. This statement is very accurate, and homeowners must take the right action. But, you may not know what to do if you don't have the correct information.

That's why we, at Envirotex, wish to make you more informed. Please read the critical information below. This is the only way you'll understand why asbestos and home inspections in Middleburg, VA are essential.

How Do I Decide the Best Company to Work With?

Deciding on a reputable company for your asbestos home inspections can be difficult. You may find many people claiming that they have the right expertise. That's why you must take time to do your research before signing on the dotted lines.

Envirotex has been in the asbestos inspection and removal for over three decades. This alone should be proof of our authenticity as the company. We also have relevant certifications covering documentation, sampling, and handling of asbestos.

We provide all this information to any client who needs it. When researching a company, you should also ask for references. A company should be happy to share such with you. It is evident that they have happy customers who are satisfied with the level of professionalism in job completion. Another step is to read customer reviews about the level of service.

Also, check if the company belongs to any professional bodies within the industry. We urge our clients to take this part very seriously. If someone does not know how to handle asbestos, it could cause more problems for you in the long run.

Protect your family and your investments by taking this critical step.

What Happens When Professionals Visit You for Asbestos and Home Inspection in Middleburg, VA?

When you contact our company, we send a team to your grounds. Our technicians have undergone proper training to ensure they know how to handle the delicate mineral.

We collect samples from parts of the house that may contain asbestos. Such include ceiling, roofing, floors, and insulation.

We are always cautious concerning how we go about the process. We do not want to disturb the asbestos fibers any more than we need to. Remember that it's essential to keep the asbestos in a stable or non-friable condition. If the needle-like fibers find their way into the atmosphere, it could be dangerous.

We often send the samples to specialized labs for testing. The results help us to know the asbestos type we are handling, plus its state. And, the following action will depend on the results we get.

What If We Find Asbestos on Your Property?

When we find asbestos on your property, we typically recommend two courses of action. If the asbestos' condition is stable, we would advise on abatement or remediation. In this case, we aim to leave the asbestos in the state that it is in. We seal or encapsulate asbestos so that it remains as it is.

The other alternative is to remove it from the property. Many homeowners fear the high cost associated with the process. But, it is the safest option for asbestos that's friable. Again, we come with specialized equipment and gear to keep everyone safe.

We also have special disposal units for handling toxic material. The removal process could take several days, depending on the level of exposure.

To determine the best course of action, they may also ask what you plan to do with the property in the future. If you want to renovate or remodel, you'll have to get rid of the asbestos.

Even if we take remediation measures, the construction work could disturb the asbestos. Someone from the team may also cut through the seal, thus exposing it. Therefore, remediation limits you on what you can do on the property in the long term.

Depending on the severity of the asbestos, we may ask that you look for alternative accommodation. The aim is to give you back a house that is habitable and free of asbestos.

But, if we find that we can contain the asbestos to one particular location, you can continue to stay in the house during the process.

If you cannot undertake either of the processes immediately, it helps to stay safe. Do not do any sawing, sanding, or drilling in the identified areas.

Avoid vacuuming or dusting as well. Under no condition should you give in to the temptation of trying to remove it yourself since you may now know where it is located.

Importantly, do not collect any of the material and put it together with the household waste.

What If I Don't Remove the Asbestos?

As we have stated, remediation is only possible if the asbestos is in a non-friable state. But, once the fibers are in the atmosphere, it is dangerous for you to continue to live in the house. Inhaling asbestos puts your life at risk.

You may not get to know that you are sick until 20 to 30 years later. By then, for most people, it is often too late. Unlike other toxins, asbestos does not flush out of your system. It continues to accumulate while causing irreparable damage.

There are many health implications that you could suffer from. Mesothelioma and other lung cancers are some of the leading concerns. Asbestosis and pleural thickening of the lung membrane are others.

If cancer does not kill you, you may have to live with the other complications. Thickening of the membranes can cause breathing difficulties. The reality is that the quality of your life shall never be the same again.

Should I Expect an Asbestos Report When Buying a Home?

When buying a home, it is normal to ask for asbestos and home inspections report in Middleburg, VA. Unfortunately, an asbestos inspection is not a requirement by the law. You can only get a report if you are buying commercial property. In that case, the seller must provide buyers with proof that the building is asbestos-free.

So, what happens to potential home buyers? First, if you like the property, you may need to incur the cost yourself. You can, however, use your negotiating powers to get the seller to share the cost with you.

Do note; some sellers may not be willing to have the inspection. If you find asbestos on the property, it could significantly drop the selling price. They could even lose the sale, resulting in a significant inconvenience for the seller.

The process of collecting samples may also be a bit intrusive. The teams may have to destroy part of the infrastructure to reach relevant sample areas. The seller may fear that the cost of repairs may not be worth the hassle.

Unfortunately, if they decide not to allow for the asbestos and home inspections in Middleburg, VA, you cannot force them to do it. Your best alternative or option would be to look for another property.

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