What Goes Into Air Quality Testing In Woodbridge, VA?

Air Quality Testing in Woodbridge VA

A thorough mold inspection with a professional air quality testing company in Woodbridge, VA, is the crucial first step towards achieving a mold-free home or business. There are a few essential things a mold inspection should complete in order to adequately remove the problem and prevent new growth from happening:

Find The Source Of Moisture.

Mold is a fungus that cannot live without water. If you have a mold issue, then you must also have a water problem. The first step of a mold inspection will be pinpointing the source of the moisture issue, and fixing that problem. Areas with excessive humidity are also a cause of mold, and should also be considered. The use of a hygrometer, which is a tool used to measure moisture levels in the air by an air quality testing company, can pinpoint the issue. Once the source is identified, proper ventilation is a great way to begin the process of moving clean, fresh air into the various areas of your home or business.

Once Found, Test The Mold.

The next step of a mold inspection, through an air quality testing expert, will be to test the mold. The two most common mold tests are tape lift tests and air sampling tests. Tape lifting uses a clear adhesive substance to collect the mold particles from a surface. This test can tell you the type and quantity of mold in that area. Air sampling is used to measure the amount of mold particles in the air after completely clearing all furnishings in the room. These particles cannot be seen by our eyes, which is why an air sampling test is crucial in order to identify the issue, before it becomes a health hazard.

Mold is usually a problem unseen by the naked eye and can contribute to serious respiratory problems in people of all ages. This is why hiring a mold inspection from an air quality testing company in Woodbridge, VA, that follows the main steps outlined in this article is crucial to the health of everyone breathing the indoor air.

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