Air Quality Testing in Upperville, VA Increases Company Profits and Moral

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Air Quality Testing in Upperville, VA Improves Work Productivity

If workers in a company continually complain of headaches, brain fog, and fatigue, it probably indicates that mold, dust and other debris is present in the ductwork that transports air throughout the building. The result of poor air is more sick days and less productivity. The work doesn’t get done in a timely manner, affecting morale and profits.

What Air Quality Testing Does

Air quality testing in Upperville, VA, is the best way to determine what is going on. This involves checking the HVAC system and ductwork for signs of mold, dust, mites and other debris particles. They float on currents of air that flow through the air system in the building.

Modern offices, constructed for energy efficiency, reduce how much new air gets into the building. That means workers keep breathing the same bad air over and over again, compounding the problem. Without testing and treatment, the problems will keep recurring.

Results of Bad Air

When air quality is low, people complain about a host of problems. All of them make workers uncomfortable and compromise their long-term health. Indicators of poor air quality include:

  • Dry skin
  • Irritated skin
  • Bad odors
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Colds and coughs
  • Stuffiness in the environment

People spend so much time indoors when they work, breathing the same air over and over again. These symptoms cause them to work more slowly and less efficiently. They also get sick and miss days of work more often when the air is bad.

Rely on Air Quality Testing

Calling in a professional air quality testing company in Upperville, VA, is the only sure way to identify the problem and treat it. Testers have the equipment and know-how to do a thorough inspection of the HVAC system in the building and the ductwork that carries air throughout the building.

The company can then arrange for the ducts and HVAC system to be cleaned to eliminate the mold, mites, dust and debris. After the ducts are cleaned up, fresh air flows easily through the passageways, letting workers breathe in clean air.

Trust Experience

The experts at Envirotex have been doing air quality testing and treatment in Upperville, VA, since 2000. The team has the experience to identify the problems, find the source and then clean it up so it doesn’t recur.

Envirotex was founded by a former military man who learned air monitoring methods and hazardous materials testing while in the service. The company has helped Quantico Marine Base, Fort Belvoir Army Base and naval bases throughout the east and west with environmental projects.

Envirotex have earned a reputation for excellence in a variety of environmental areas, including:

  • Air quality testing
  • Mold testing, removal, and remediation
  • Air duct cleaning and demolition
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Lead-based paint removal
  • Meth labs and clandestine drug lab cleanup

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