Mold Inspection With An Air Quality Testing Company In Leesburg, VA

Air Quality Testing in Leesburg VA

Mold is a substance that can cause major health issues, and a professional air quality testing expert in Leesburg, VA, is crucial to improving the purity of the air ensuring a healthy environment. Self-check air quality testers are not adequate enough in diagnosing an issue in air purity, and in treating and preventing the problem from arising in the future. Mold can exist both in residential and commercial spaces, affecting both your children and employees.

What is mold?

Mold is a fungus that appears to be black or a purple-blue, and is dependent on a source of decay. Mold is created from the presence of water, and grows when the air is very moist and humid. Improper ventilation will contribute to increased moisture and the growth of mold spores. Mold can be toxic to inhale, and its safe removal is vital to your health.

What are the negative health effects from mold?

There are signs that can tell you whether you suffer from mold infestation, and need a professional air quality testing service immediately. Some of the symptoms you shouldn’t ignore include:

  1. Itchy eyes.
  2. Consistent cough.
  3. Headaches.
  4. Worsen asthma.
  5. Skin rashes.
  6. Increased fatigue.
  7. Sinus pressure.
  8. Increased sneezing.

The overall feeling of stuffiness, sinus blockage, and lethargy, are signs you are breathing in mold spores in your home or business.

How can a professional air quality testing company in Leesburg, VA help?

An air quality testing expert can adequately identify and locate the source of the problem, and can provide solutions to remove any mold and prevent it from growing in the future. Air sampling is the most common way for professionals to identify a mold issue, and is used to compare the air found both indoors and outdoors. If mold is found, increased ventilation of the area, as well as sunlight, are the two main ways to kill mold spores. Air quality experts will recommend to observe the infected area for dampness, so as not to encourage the continual growth of mold.

Talk with a professional today at an air quality testing company in Leesburg, VA, if your home or business has suffered from excessive water damage, or you are experiencing any of the health symptoms listed above.

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