When is a Mold Inspection in Fairfax, VA Necessary?

Anytime you find visible mold in your Fairfax, VA home, there is no need to have a mold inspection. You would just need to follow the proper method of removing the mold from your home, preferably by a professional mold remediation company. They have the necessary equipment and know the proper way to remove the mold to keep your family safe from toxins.

Why Schedule a Mold Inspections in Fairfax, VA?

  • If your home smells moldy, but you cannot visibly see it, you should have a mold inspection done at your home in Fairfax, VA.
  • If you have had plumbing leaks or other water issues at your residence in Fairfax, VA you should have a mold inspection. There could be elevated mold in the air or behind your walls.
  • After a mold removal has been done, you should always have another mold inspection done. This will assure Fairfax, VA homeowners that their mold issues have been resolved and the mold counts have returned to normal levels.
  • Some people may be experiencing health issues which could be mold related. These health problems could include: coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc. Sometimes it is difficult for a doctor to pinpoint exactly what could be causing these symptoms but if he thinks it could be mold related, he may suggest that you have a mold inspection at your home. A mold inspection may confirm his suspicions and will alarm you of mold in your home that needs to be taken care of by a professional removal company.
  • For the protection of the Seller and the Buyer during a real estate transaction.
  • Tenant and their landlord disputes if there is a mold problem.
  • Some residences in Fairfax, VA are just interested to know the air quality of their environment and will request to have a mold inspection.

Over-the-counter home mold testing kits should never be used. The EPA claims a professional environmental company such as Envirotex should conduct all mold sampling. Homeowners in Fairfax, VA should always keep an eye out for mold growth, any kind of moisture in the home, and any moldy smells.

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