When Does an Asbestos Inspection in Washington, D.C. Make Sense?

An asbestos inspection in Washington, D.C. gives you definitive information about the presence of dangerous, airborne asbestos fibers in your home or workplace. If you own a home or property in Washington, D.C., built before 1978 it probably contains materials made with asbestos.

Aging asbestos-containing construction materials in good condition can be left alone. But if your home has damage, such as crumbling drywall or deteriorating insulation, or you plan to renovate or remodel, an asbestos inspection in Washington, D.C., could save you time and money by identifying asbestos issues and providing a remediation plan before asbestos removal creates expensive project delays.

Used for decades to make pipe insulation, floor tiles, paint, caulk, brake pads, ceiling tiles and fire-resistant fabrics, asbestos was ubiquitous in American buildings until scientific tests revealed the long-term health hazards of asbestos exposure and it was outlawed. Now commercial and public buildings must have asbestos removed by law, while homeowners are bound by their own health concerns and the laws regarding real estate sales when transferring title and ownership of a property.

Asbestos Inspection Basics - Washington, D.C.

During an asbestos inspection in Washington, D.C., a certified inspector collects air and material samples from your property following standard industry safety protocols. The samples are tested and analyzed by an accredited third-party laboratory. Following inspection results your qualified asbestos inspector will help you understand lab reports and any related asbestos inspection issues. They can also advise you of the scope of work, schedule and cost of asbestos remediation.

If you suspect your Washington, D.C. home may hide a serious asbestos hazard, the U.S. EPA recommends you treat the material as if it contains asbestos, leave it untouched, and contact a respected environmental services company to schedule a professional asbestos inspection in Washington, D.C., by a trained, certified asbestos professional.

The District Department of the Environment (DDoE) is responsible for the enforcement of federal asbestos laws in Washington, D.C. All asbestos-related activity in your Washington DC home or business will strictly follow asbestos abatement procedures as outlined and permitted by the DDoE.

Asbestos Inspection in Washington, D.C. With Envirotex

With the dangers and complexity of asbestos inspection in Washington, D.C., most experts recommend professional asbestos inspection, testing and remediation by an exceptionally well-qualified contractor. With current training, licensing and certification, plus expertise in air monitoring and hazardous materials testing, the professional environmental experts at Envirotex are well-prepared to safely and efficiently help alleviate your asbestos issues. From your asbestos inspection in Washington, D.C., to scientifically certifying your home or property is free from asbestos, the professionals at Envirotex will deliver exacting results. Contact us today.

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