What's Involved with a Meth Lab Cleanup?

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Envirotex is your trusted source for environmental information, services and meth lab cleanup required for the sale or rental of any affected property. We work with law enforcement, neighborhoods, private landowners and local jurisdictions to ensure these dangerously contaminated places are returned to health and safety.

Who is responsible for drug lab cleanup costs and legal penalties?

Drug manufacturing and meth lab cleanup in Virginia is the responsibility of the property owner.

What regulations dictate illegal drug lab cleanup requirements?

There are no federal regulations for the safe and comprehensive cleanup of illegal meth labs. Each meth lab location requires a different approach to clean-up, so federal, state and local agencies collaborate on effective protocols. Despite the search for best environmental practices, consensus on a universal standard approach to meth lab cleanup remains elusive.

Why is Professional Meth Lab Cleanup so Important?

The chemical production of methamphetamine produces toxic residue that contaminates air, buildings, groundwater and soil. Extensive environmental restoration demands the expertise of specialized meth lab cleanup professionals. When a meth lab is identified or seized by authorities, the DEA Cleanup Program provides funding for law enforcement to remove and dispose of hazardous materials, including toxic chemicals, illegal drugs and the equipment and supplies used in meth manufacturing.

Where Can I Turn for Professional Help?

Envirotex has 20 years of experience, a host of certifications, high-level scientific training and the high-tech resources to rapidly provide comprehensive meth lab cleanup in homes, rentals and commercial properties anywhere in Virginia. Trust Envirotex to resolve all of your environmental issues.

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