Professional Mold Removal in Manassas, VA - Why Call the Experts?

When trying to determine how to remove mold from contaminated properties, owners are wise to consider professional mold removal in Manassas, VA, especially after major floods or storms. Both the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have websites and publications worthy of review before making a decision about hiring a mold contractor in Manassas.

Mold removal in Manassas, VA is essential to restore your home to health. Mold outbreaks pollute the air inside your home, where your HVAC system can act as a primary distribution system spreading spores throughout. Before the level of mold contamination becomes toxic, all wet organic materials, such as saturated furnishings, drapes, bedding, carpet, pillows, dry wall, paper and wood should be removed immediately. If your home or building has water damage, a microbial investigation is warranted. This investigation should be performed by a company like Envirotex, with microbiology or toxicology experience.

Upon arrival a visual examination of the building and HVAC system is conducted. Next, surface and air samples are taken and analyzed by an independent microbial laboratory. Envirotex analyzes the results with you to develop a mold removal plan. This plan states the method, scope, time, and controls to be used to satisfy your mold removal requirements.In the case of an emergency, Envirotex will remove all wet materials from the site and provide the necessary air circulation to minimize dampness before bacteria can multiply.

If water damage has developed over a period of time, an analytical survey will be taken to determine the most effective remedial method, based on fungus type and location, as well as the extent of damages and exposure.

If your home or place of business shows signs of water damage or needs professional mold removal in Manassas, VA, call Envirotex for:

  • Proper containment and safe mold removal
  • Thorough site decontamination
  • If mold needs to be tested, we will use a certified lab
  • Mold Removal Plan
  • Mold Deterrence Plan to reduce ambient moisture levels and address indoor air quality through proper ventilation, leak detection and repair, and periodic mold inspection.

If your home or business experiences excessive water or mold, if you suspect your HVAC system is affected, if sewage is involved, or if large mold infestations can be seen and smelled, contact Envirotex - a qualified professional environmental services company with documented success in the industry, positive customer referrals, and the expert credentials you need to be confident in the safe, professional mold removal at your Manassas, VA home or workplace.

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