Do Popcorn Ceilings Require an Asbestos Inspection in Front Royal, VA?

Many homes built in Front Royal, VA between the 1930s and 1990s have popcorn ceilings or a texture of some type applied to the ceilings. This was before the government discovered that asbestos was harmful. The use of asbestos in textured ceiling paint was banned in 1977. When asbestos fibers are inhaled in large quantities, it can cause lung disease, scarring of the lungs and lung cancer. However, not all popcorns ceilings contain asbestos materials.

Popcore ceilings need asbestos inspections

If you have popcorn ceilings, it is best to leave it alone and don’t disturb it, this way it is not dangerous. A popcorn ceiling was an easier way of finishing a ceiling because it covered up imperfections or a bad drywall or mudding job.

You can always paint a popcorn ceiling which contains asbestos, or you can remove it. If you decide to remove any popcorn ceiling in an older home in Front Royal, VA, you should first have a professional asbestos inspection performed before you tear into the drywall. If it does have asbestos, this is when it gets dangerous for you for other family members to breathe in airborne asbestos fibers.

Once you have a professional asbestos inspection, samples will be sent away to an independent lab for analysis. You can not tell by the naked eye rather or not your popcorn ceiling has asbestos. This requires a special microscope and a trained eye.

Once you get your results back from the asbestos samples, if indeed it comes back positive for asbestos, be safe and hire a professional to remove the popcorn ceiling from your home in Front Royal, VA. Removing asbestos should always be left to professionals.

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