Mold Treatment is Essential for Homes in Virginia Beach, VA

Living close to the beach in a hot, humid climate environment in Virginia Beach, VA can undoubtedly bring issues with mold where mold treatment is essential. Sometimes mold can be visually seen, but unfortunately, not all molds are visible.

Mold is a type of fungus that has a fuzzy appearance ranging in different colors—green, black, brown, orange, pink or purple. If you cannot see it, you can possibly smell it. A musty smell inside your home is usually a good indication that you have mold.

If you smell a musty odor, yet can’t see any mold, it is best to call a mold treatment company and have a professional inspection done at your home in Virginia Beach, VA. Mold can hide behind your walls, under your carpet, and in your attic.

Living in a coastal area like Virginia Beach, VA usually brings with it an abundance of wet swimming suits and towels. These wet clothes hanging inside to dry or laying on the floor can cause mold growth. If possible, hang outside to dry or immediately wash and dry in a clothes dryer to avoid possible mold growth.

Closets are another area you might find mold growth. Having a home with the proper ventilation and fans to keep a good airflow is essential to avoiding mold growth. Clothes and shoes left in a damp area will soon be a moldy mess and one that can be quite costly as well. Don’t cram closets so full that there is no room for air flow.

Mold treatment for homes in Virginia Beach, VA by a professional can remove mold safely and also instruct the homeowner about precautions they can take to avoid future mold growth. Without eliminating the source that is causing the mold, a mold treatment would only be a temporary fix for your Virginia Beach, VA home. Get to the root of your problem, or you will be forever fighting mold growth.

A professional mold treatment company such as Envirotex knows what to look for, where to look and the proper procedure for mold treatment to rid your home in Virginia Beach, VA of all mold.

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