Mold Remediation in Fairfax VA: What to Do After a Flood or Heavy Rains

To prevent mold, you need to keep everything in your home clean and dry. However, in the event of a flood or heavy rains, you may need mold remediation in your Fairfax VA home. Here are some tips for minimizing mold damage to your home:

  1. Remove as much standing water in a building as quickly and safely as possible after disconnecting all electronic equipment inside the building.
  2. Immediately call in a mold remediation service, such as Envirotex, to help in the cleaning and disinfecting of your home from the toxins and spores mold can release.
  3. Lower the humidity and temperature in the building: molds do not like these conditions. Open up windows if the air outside is less humid than the air inside. Otherwise, turn on an air conditioner and a dehumidifier.
  4. Dispose of moldy items in a sealed bag. Objects that can be saved should be frozen (which deactivates mold) or dried out.
  5. Make sure there is good ventilation within the building affected. Use a fan, if necessary, to promote good air circulation.

Want more information on mold remediation for your Fairfax VA home? Please contact the mold remediation experts at Envirotex today at 703.928.7892. Specializing in mold removal and mold remediation in Fairfax VA for more than 10 years, our team of experts can protect your family and your home from the dangers of mold all year round.

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