Methods and Equipment Used for Mold Inspections in Haymarket, VA Homes

The key to effectively removing mold from your home in Haymarket, VA is to have a thorough mold inspection and mold testing performed by a licensed and certified mold inspector. There are several different methods and equipment that is used in the process.

A hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring moisture content in the air or humidity. It can tell if an area in your home is retaining enough moisture in the air to stimulate mold growth. The information drawn from using a hygrometer can help a homeowner in solving their moisture problem knowing the source of the mold growth and then increasing the airflow and ventilation.

A moisture meter can measure the percentage of water in a substance such as drywall or wood. This allows the mold inspector to pinpoint moisture behind a wall without damaging anything.

If mold is found in your Haymarket, VA home, it needs to be tested. The two common types of mold tests are tape lift testing and air sample testing.

  • Tape Lift Testing - The mold inspector will use a clear adhesive film that can collect mold particles from a surface where mold stain or growth is suspected. This will identify the type and quantity of mold in question.
  • Air Sample Testing - Measures the content of airborne mold particles invisible to the naked eye. The airborne mold is what is harmful to a person's respiratory system. This type of testing can uncover cross contamination from an active mold area and a clean area.

Another piece of equipment used for mold inspections is a borescope. A borescope is an optical device that has a video camera on the end of a long flexible scope and a small screen on the unit that displays the image of a wall void. This is used to help locate and identify mold that is growing in a wall void but not on the surface of the wall.

Mold inspections are necessary so a plan can be put into motion to have mold removed from the home. A combination of these methods and equipment are essential for complete mold inspections for homes in Haymarket, VA.

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