Meth Lab Cleanup Rids Virginia Beach, VA Homes of Hazardous Chemical Waste

Meth users living in Virginia Beach, VA tend to live extremely messy lives. If you’ve ever experienced going into a home where there are several household products visible such as acetone, acids, brake cleaner, and iodine, these are the ingredients used to cook cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine into meth. Paint thinners, drain openers, or muriatic or other acids are also another sign someone is making meth, as well as propane tanks or other heat sources used for cooking the drug. Red sink stains from phosphorus, chemical smells and powdery residue left in glass cookware are also telltale signs.

Five to seven pounds of chemical waste is left behind from producing only one pound of meth. These chemical residues left behind can cause numerous health problems including breathing issues, skin irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. Over a period of time, kidney damage, neurological problems, and increased risk of cancer can occur.

If you suspect a meth lab is being run in Virginia Beach, VA you first need to call the appropriate officials. Afterwards, a meth lab cleanup company will need to come inside the Virginia Beach, VA home and perform testing, and if positive, a meth lab cleanup will need to be done to remove any traces of hazardous materials that are harmful to future residents. Meth lab cleanup professionals must wear special clothing to protect themselves from any hazardous chemicals they come in contact with during a meth lab cleanup. This is not something that just anyone can do. Any meth lab cleanup performed in Virginia Beach, VA needs to be done by a specialized company licensed in this field of environmental services.

A meth lab cleanup requires ridding these harmful residues using special cleaning solutions on walls, ceiling and floors. Chemical vapors can also penetrate carpets, drapes, and furniture requiring meth lab cleanup teams to dispose of these items properly from the home. Meth residue invades a home’s duct work, attics, and other hollow spaces. Special equipment is used by meth lab cleanup professionals to suck out harmful residue. Sometimes the meth lab cleanup goes beyond the inside of the home. Meth users often rid their used paraphernalia outside in nearby woods or lots in Virginia Beach, VA, and these areas need to be decontaminated as well.

The environmental team at Envirotex is highly trained in handling meth lab cleanups in the Virginia Beach, VA area. We work in accordance with the Department of Health Services, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies. If you have any questions or require a meth lab cleanup, please call and talk to one of our specialists.

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