Beware the Lethal Dangers of Hidden Black Mold in Leesburg, VA

Is your Leesburg home contaminated with stachybotrys—also known as hidden, black mold? Leesburg, VA, residents must be vigilant when rain is in the air and moisture levels inside their homes rise. This, combined with restricted fresh air flow and undetected plumbing leaks in the dark, warm interior of every home, make us each at risk more than we imagine.

Almost every home in the U.S.has at least a little mold. But nearly 47% of them have more substantial mold or moisture, according to William Fisk, senior mold research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The exact causes of black mold in Leesburg, VA may often be unknown. Many believe these issues incubate during construction, when rain streaks on firewalls indicates structures may have been rained on before the roof and walls are erected. Once moisture is present, mold growth without preventive measures is inevitable.

Historically, black mold in homes is not tracked, but modern building practices—like making homes increasingly airtight, installing air-conditioning units with dehumidification and humidification, and employing drywall and oriented strand board, a man-made wood product—makes homes more instrumental to mold growth than ever before.

And beware the lethal dangers of hidden black mold in Leesburg, VA. People exposed to black mold are 30% to 50% more likely to contract asthma, coughing and wheezing. Mold exposure is also associated with health problems such as bronchitis and respiratory infections.

Often homeowners are completely unaware until someone has trouble breathing in the house and they decide to test for mold. Black mold in Leesburg, VA can streak firewalls, establish a colony, and settle in thick, musty clumps beginning near the lower level. Unless the home is renovated, it would be difficult to sell.

Black mold eradication can take years. Often hard surfaced items - wood furniture, antiques, and plastics are salvageable. Anything organic, made of fabric, wood, or paper - linens, mattresses, couches, carpeting, drapes - must be thrown out. Often owners elect to replace finishes and fixtures, such as doorknobs, tile, grout, railings, molding, and lights.

Most often insurance does not cover mold damage, so renovations are out of pocket. And black mold remediation in Leesburg, VA can be costly. As an example, a top-of-the-line Swiss-made IQAir air-filtration system costs around $20,000. It begs the question: What type of risk does hidden black mold in Leesburg, VA pose?

Don’t wait until the lethal dangers of black mold make themselves known in your Leesburg home. Have a reputable, experienced, certified, and licensed mold testing and remediation company, such as Envirotex, perform a mold inspection in your home today. Get the peace of mind you need to know you and your family are safe from the lethal hidden dangers of black mold in Leesburg, VA.

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