Tips About Lead-based Paint and Selling Your Northern Virginia Home

The threat of lead-based paint is reasoned to be the top environmental threat to children in homes throughout the Northern Virginia area and around the country. This is reason enough for homeowners and potential homebuyers to be concerned about the potential dangers, and the Environmental Protection Agency agrees.

The federal government issued regulations in 1996 from the Environmental Protection Agency and the office of Housing and Urban Development regarding the threat of lead-based paint exposure. The rule states that landlords and those who work for him must disclose the possible presence of lead-based paint. In order to fulfill the obligation of the signed-lease, landlords must follow the guidelines set forth and provide all occupants of the impacted homes with informational materials. The information packet must include the lead-hazard information brochure from the EPA.

Many landowners and home sellers worry about a lead-based paint inspection, and what the results could mean for the value of the property, the resale value and the current purchase price. If the required information is not disclosed to the renter or buyer, consequences will be faced by all involved parties. In situations where lead-based paint is found and can be traced back to a rental unit, the owner of the property is liable for actual damages and several penalties.

When you are in doubt about whether your home or business is susceptible lead-based paint, contact the lead based paint remediation experts at Envirotex today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, including Great Falls VA and Haymarket VA, our team of professionals will put your mind at ease through lead-based paint testing and remediation.

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