How to Prevent More Damage After Black Mold Removal in Alexandria, VA

Not all visible molds that are black in color are dangerous. Before any black mold removal is done, you should have your Alexandria, VA home tested first to confirm if toxic spores are in your home. Once confirmed, you should leave black mold removal to the professionals in Alexandria, VA.

Find the Source

Black mold is usually found at homes in Alexandria, VA with high moisture areas such as bathrooms that are not vented very well or a water leak from a leaky pipe in homes. Some black mold is not visible and can be in behind drywall, underneath flooring, and under kitchen appliances. Mold testing by a professional is recommended to find all sources of mold growth in Alexandria, VA homes.

Stop the Damage

Black mold removal should be done as soon as it is determined that the mold you have is indeed, toxic black mold. To stop the mold from returning, you must prevent further damage by getting to the root of your moisture problem. Black mold removal specialists in Alexandria, VA are equipped to remove black mold and recommend steps you need to take to deter any further mold growth at your Alexandria, VA home.

Black Mold Removal

Before the process of a black mold removal, all members of the household in Alexandria, VA will be asked to vacate the premises until the work has been completed and there are no signs of mold spores. A professional team will come to your home with special equipment to remove all black mold. This team will wear black mold removal gear to protect themselves from airborne mold spores. This gear will include gloves, goggles, long-sleeved shirts and pants, and respirators.

Black mold infested areas of the home will be sealed off with heavy-duty plastic sheets to contain airborne spores. All surfaces will be cleaned to remove residual spores and once dry, a HEPA filter vacuum will be used to remove embedded spores. Some materials such as drywall and carpet, if badly infected, will have to be removed from the home in Alexandria, VA and replaced.

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