Guidelines for Asbestos Removal in Arlington, VA

Asbestos removal in Arlington, VA involves risks and therefore should be done by a professional environmental service company such as Envirotex. These well-trained professionals are experienced and have the correct tools and equipment to perform an asbestos removal safely and efficiently.

Work Area Preparation—before an asbestos removal for homes in Arlington, VA, the area must be barricaded from unauthorized persons from entering the asbestos removal area. Ventilation systems should be disabled and ducts sealed. Movable objects should be removed from the asbestos removal area to prevent these items from being contaminated with asbestos. Objects that have been contaminated need to be cleaned with an industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter or wet wiped. Warning signs should be posted at each asbestos removal area at the home in Arlington, VA.

Isolation of Asbestos Removal Area—the asbestos removal area needs to be isolated from the surrounding areas with polyethylene sheeting or other materials that are suitable. Once the asbestos removal is completed at the Arlington, VA home, these materials should be placed in labeled containers that are dust-tight.

Asbestos Removal Methods—

  • Wet Method—a wetting agent such as water or polyvinyl acetate should be applied with an airless sprayer to the entire surface. This should be done at the beginning of the removal and throughout the asbestos removal process to keep the asbestos fibers from getting into the air. Asbestos materials that have been removed should be wetted until disposed of.
  • Dry Method—This method is practical for areas where the wet method cannot be used such as around electrical conductors or equipment. A HEPA filtered vacuum should be used to reduce airborne asbestos fibers.

These methods of asbestos removal should only be done by Arlington, VA professionals. Proper respirators are needed for asbestos removal, and asbestos professionals are trained in how to properly use them for their safety. Special clothing is needed as well. Asbestos-containing materials must be properly disposed of at special landfill sites in the Arlington, VA area that are equipped to handle hazardous materials.

Professionals like Envirotex are equipped to provide their customers with a safe asbestos removal so that your family can re enter a clean, safe environment at your home in Arlington, VA.

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