Does Your Floor Covering Require Asbestos Removal in Front Royal, VA

Asbestos vinyl floor tile and vinyl sheet flooring were introduced in the 1950s. Asbestos vinyl products became popular in Front Royal, VA homes because of its durability and somewhat inexpensive price. Some homes built before 1980s in Front Royal, VA may still have asbestos vinyl products in the home. If your home or business still has these tiles in place, an asbestos removal needs to be done by a professional environmental company in Front Royal, VA.

These tiles came in an assortment of colors, textures, styles and sizes. Two popular companies which manufactured asbestos vinyl products include Armstrong World Industries and Congoleum Corporation.

Although using asbestos in vinyl materials was mostly phased out during the 1980s because of health issues, many older homes, churches, schools, and commercial buildings still contain these floor tiles. The asbestos in these vinyl products only become dangerous when fibers are released and become airborne. Once this happens, call a professional asbestos removal company in Front Royal, VA and have them remove these tiles for you, your family, or employees’ safety. If these tiles break or chip, these fibers can release into the air causing health issues for anyone who is exposed in the building or home.

Individuals that could be at risk to exposure to these asbestos vinyl flooring would be floor installers you hire to relay a new floor, carpenters tearing out materials or hammering into the floor where these tiles are, maintenance workers, and demolition crews if you plan on tearing out and replacing an area in your Front Royal, VA home.

Asbestos removal professionals in Front Royal, VA should be called if you question the type of flooring tile you have. Once the vinyl products have been tested and verified it contains asbestos-containing material, the asbestos removal crew will take the proper procedures to remove the asbestos vinyl flooring.

The asbestos removal professionals in Front Royal, VA are experienced in the removal of hazardous materials and are protected by wearing proper protective clothing. During the asbestos removal, your tile will be sprayed with water before removing. This is done to prevent the fibers from escaping into the air.

Any asbestos removal should always be done by a professional environmental company who is fully equipped, experienced and licensed to do business in Front Royal, VA.

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