The Dangers and Mystery of Asbestos And Fires

Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally, but is also a highly dangerous carcinogen. The asbestos fiber itself is built of long, thin fibrous crystals that may be combined with other materials to create a fire resistant material. These characteristics alone made asbestos ideal for use in the construction of building and homes throughout most of the 1900s. Some experts have estimated as many as 80 percent of all building built before 1978 contained at least one asbestos-containing product in the design.

Asbestos was used primarily as an insulation material in older building and structures as previously discussed. However, even though the asbestos fibers are fire resistant, other materials surrounding it will burn and may damage the asbestos. After a fire has been extinguished the asbestos fibers may continue to linger in the air, making the dangers present in the area for longer as well.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers is known to be linked directly to a fatal cancer known as mesothelioma. This type of cancer is often deadly when in the malignant stage, which impacts the mesothelium, the part of your body that protects the heart, stomach, lungs and other organs.

When extinguishing a fire, burning asbestos fibers may be damaged and are released into the air; once in the air, the asbestos fibers are easily inhaled. Once inside the nasal passage, the asbestos fibers may become lodged in the tiny sacs which line your organs and will eventually cause breathing problems and persistent coughing.

These dangerous fibers should not be handled by untrained individuals under any circumstances. For asbestos removal, asbestos testing and asbestos remediation, contact the professionals at Envirotex today. Serving all of the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area, the team of experienced asbestos removal professionals can handle even the toughest of jobs.

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