Common Questions About Meth Lab Clean-up In Northern Virginia

Most people are never exposed to the dangers of a meth lab in Northern Virginia, and thankfully, that is the good news. But if you find yourself in a situation that requires the cleaning of a meth lab, you will be thankful to know there are professionally trained people who do just that - clean up meth labs. The know-how and insight needed to clean up a meth lab is more than just the standard cleaning of a dirty home, the dangerous chemicals make cleaning the remnants of a meth lab just as dangerous as during its operation.

Currently, there are no Federal regulations regarding the clean-up of a meth lab, and each situation requires different cleaning techniques. Since each former meth lab requires a different approach to the clean-up, many federal, state and local agencies collaborate on the proper techniques but have not come to a conclusion on the best universal approach to meth lab clean-up.

The professionally trained meth lab clean-up technicians at Envirotex know the ins-and-outs of nearly every situation possible when it comes to meth lab clean-up. Sometimes that means nothing more than scrubbing the walls and then repainting them, but other times that means extensive cleaning followed by even more extensive renovation. Unfortunately, the prevalence of meth labs is not decreasing, making the services of meth lab clean-up services such as ours even more in demand.

Specializing in meth lab clean-up also means knowing what areas may need additional care and treatment - like the soil. In extreme cases especially, the production of methamphetamine produces harmful byproducts that contaminate the groundwater and soil. In those situations, the meth lab clean-up efforts are much more extensive and almost always require the assistance of professional meth lab clean-up operations.

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