Commercial Asbestos Demolition

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Any structure built before 1985 may harbor asbestos-containing materials which are known to cause cancer. Asbestos removal from commercial properties in Virginia and the District of Columbia is a dangerous and highly hazardous process that is legally regulated. Work to remove and ameliorate the effects of asbestos should only be undertaken by specially trained, licensed and certified environmental professionals with experience in safety, testing, and commercial building asbestos removal regulations and protocols.

The team at Envirotex, a leading environmental services company in Virginia, is devoted to the proper cleanup of environmental threats in any unsafe situation. With nearly twenty years of impressive environmental testing, investigation, response and successful resolution, Envirotex remains dedicated to providing a swift, accurate, and robust response to the environmental safety and cleanup needs of people and businesses in our region.

Licensed, trained and tested, you can rely on Envirotex for state-of-the-art detection and identification quickly followed by asbestos remediation and asbestos removal, always in compliance with state and federal legislation. Our professional teams use disposable clothing, respirators and gloves necessary to protect themselves from asbestos exposure. They know exactly how to handle asbestos removal and how to do it safely.

Envirotex has performed professional asbestos abatement in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and the Virginia Beach area since 2000. Owner Dan Freeman gained immense knowledge, training and experience in the environmental services field while serving his country. His military experience in air monitoring, hazardous materials testing, and the safe resolution of environmental hazards laid a solid foundation for Envirotex to be a safe, effective, and thorough environmental response company. Call Envirotex today for an asbestos abatement for commercial property located in Virginia or Washington, DC., and find the environmental solution that works best for your organization.

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