Should You Clean the Air Ducts In Your Prince William County VA Home?

The air ducts in your Northern Virginia home carry the air from your heating and cool system throughout your home. As the air travels through the air ducts, whatever is inside will be transported from one location to another - no matter if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Air ducts can contain mold spores, which when carried to different location of your home can lead to mold growth throughout. Mold spores attach to a surface, and then continue to grow and spread, making it difficult to breathe for many and can lead to fatal consequences for some individuals.

Air duct cleaning is one way to help reduce mold and other allergens that could be spread throughout the house. Professionally trained technicians inspect each air duct and remove any debris, rodent droppings, dust and mold present.

The Environmental Protection Agency suggest air duct cleaning if:

  • Visible mold is present in the air duct or other components of your heating and cooling system.
  • Air ducts show signs of rodents or insects. Signs may include tracks, droppings or carcasses.
  • Air ducts are clogged with excessive amount of dust and debris, typically made evident by the release of dust, debris and other particles from the registers.

If you experience any of these signs in your Woodbridge VA or Oakton VA home, contact the mold removal and mold remediation specialists at Envirotex today.

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