Black Mold Removal is Critical in Reston, VA

One of the last things a property owner in Reston, VA wants to encounter in any structure is the mold fungus, stachybotrys, or black mold. Removal is critical and necessary to restoring the property and its inhabitants to health and preventing further damage to the structure.

Once moisture is present in the molecular interior of a building, black mold can silently take hold. Professional intervention measures to achieve complete black mold removal, an anonymous source of great environmental distress, is a necessity in Reston, VA. People exposed to black mold are 30%-50% more susceptible to asthma, coughing and wheezing. Black mold exposure is also associated with bronchitis and respiratory infections.

Complete black mold removal can take years. While some molds can be seen by the naked eye and give off distinct odors, black mold can grow in basements and attics, traverse ceilings, and occupy less accessible areas between walls and under floors. Black Mold thrives in water-soaked organic materials such as paneling, wallboard, carpet, paint, ceiling tiles, and textiles.

Black mold causes needed replacement of the mold-damaged materials and belongings and, could cause more extensive black mold removal. Property owners in Reston, VA are urged to contact the environmental experts at Envirotex who provide exceptional customer service while efficiently completing black mold removal. At the first signs that a Reston, VA property may be harboring environmental toxins, contact the experts at Envirotex.

Mold contamination, often found in water-damaged buildings, is a serious health risk and should be removed immediately. Envirotex follows a protocol to determine the extent a home or building has had water damage and when a microbial investigation is warranted. This investigation should be performed by a company such as Envirotex with microbiology or toxicology experience. First, a visual examination of the building and HVAC system is conducted. Next, surface and air samples are taken and analyzed by an independent microbial laboratory. Envirotex will then develop a mold remediation plan stating the method, scope, time, and controls to be used. If water damage has developed over a period of time, black mold will be discovered through an analytical survey taken to determine the most effective remedial method, based on fungus type and location, as well as the extent of damages and exposure.

Envirotex offers Reston, VA property owners:

  • Proper containment and removal
  • Thorough site decontamination
  • If black mold needs to be tested, Envirotex will use a certified lab

Specifically-trained Envirotex technicians are well-equipped to provide thorough mold testing, identification, and remediation to restore black mold infested Reston, VA homes or workplaces to health.

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