Best Practices for Mold Testing in Burke, VA

Indoor mold can damage your property in Burke, VA and cause health risks for family members. Although not all mold spores are harmful, some produce toxins which are linked to severe cases of asthma, respiratory problems, bleeding lungs and immune system disorders.

Some mold cannot be visually seen. The best time for mold testing includes:

  • After any water damage or flooding occurrence
  • If you have a leak that has been present for over 24 hours
  • When you smell a musty or moldy odor
  • Unusual stains on building materials or your furniture
  • A long-term medical condition without any known cause

If you have a mold issue at your Burke, VA home, the best thing to do is to call an environmental company such as Envirotex who are experts in dealing with mold testing and mold remediation. If your home in Burke, VA has signs of water damage or mold growth, Envirotex offers proper containment and removal of mold, thorough site decontamination, and mold testing using a certified independent lab.

Before any mold testing is done at your home in Burke, VA, a visual inspection should be done by a professional mold inspector. If the professional does not do this first, you have hired the wrong mold testing company in Burke, VA.

A mold testing professional will walk around your Burke, VA home, both indoors and outdoors, to check to see what is growing on the surfaces, to see if they can visually see any mold growth anywhere, or if they can smell any dampness or mustiness and other clues. Sometimes the inspector will use a moisture meter to check for dampness and moisture on surfaces and in the air.

Thermal imaging is a sophisticated diagnostic testing device that detects and identifies sources of moisture at your Burke, VA home which supports mold growth. This infrared camera can make mold testing a non-destructive and faster procedure.

If you do see mold, have the mold testing professionals test the air and surfaces of the surrounding rooms. Save money on the areas where you know you have mold. You want to know what degree the mold spores are spreading and the concentration they are spreading throughout the home to help make a plan for mold remediation.

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