Asbestos Testing in Washington, D.C. Protects Your Health and Invevstment

Asbestos testing in Washington, D.C. is almost mandatory given the age of many of the existing homes and structures in and around the city. And with regular news reports about finding and safely removing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) revealing the ever-present health, the deadly long-term dangers of asbestos exposure continue to lurk in a large majority of our homes, structures, and public buildings constructed before 1980.

Just last month the media reported that asbestos testing in Washington, D.C., yielded the discovery of asbestos in 283 Metro railcars. The material found in all but three of the 1000-series Metro system railcars is contained, or "non-friable, meaning it cannot be crumbled and will not release fibers unless it is abraded" by sawing, ripping, tearing, or drilling the asbestos-contaminated material. Authorities say all asbestos will be legally removed according to laws enforced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) prior to the retirement of the 1000-series railcars.

Earlier this year, a church-run preschool in Arlington, VA, was closed temporarily because asbestos testing revealed asbestos dust after old flooring was improperly removed during a building renovation. This is but one of thousands of examples supporting the EPA estimate that 15 million students and 1.4 million teachers, administrators and staff – in roughly 35,000 schools nationwide – are at risk of exposure to deadly airborne asbestos fibers. And while the same holds true for many District homes and residences, federal standards for asbestos removal (found in 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M) through the District's asbestos program "excludes residential buildings with four or fewer dwelling units, including privately-owned and single-family units or homes."

So what should you do? As a home or property owner, asbestos testing in Washington, D.C. protects you from the risks, costs, and liability associated with asbestos exposure. Before purchasing an older home in the District, or renovating the one you own and love, contact the asbestos experts at Envirotex. With exceptional training and decades of field experience, we deliver trustworthy, scientific solutions to resolve environmental issues at your home or business. When you need asbestos testing in Washington, D.C., call the licensed, accredited professionals Envirotex.

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