Asbestos abatement in Fairfax VA: Encapsulation or Removal?

After asbestos material has been discovered in your home, rental property, or commercial building, what kind of asbestos abatement do you want in Fairfax VA?

After asbestos fibers are disturbed, they become airborne and can become extremely hazardous if inhaled. Diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma can result, so you will want to avoid any unnecessary exposure. So you are going to have to undertake some kind of asbestos abatement in Fairfax VA.

Envirotex, an asbestos abatement company in Fairfax, VA, is trained to take every precaution; these experts are state-certified and licensed to do either asbestos encapsulation or removal.

Like asbestos removal, encapsulation is an option that basically means the asbestos materials are sealed off. This is not a Do-It-Yourself project. It’s worth it to hire a professional asbestos removal contractor rather than do it yourself due to the potential hazards.

When deciding between removal and encapsulation, cost should be secondary to safety. The experts at Envirotex will tell you if the asbestos material is stable enough to be safely encapsulated. After the encapsulation, Envirotex will also put your home or business on a regular maintenance schedule, with check-ups to make sure the asbestos is secure. It is also important to understand if you will eventually have to have the asbestos removed, regardless if you have it contained. This knowledge might help you decide which method is the right one for you.

Some folks feel that it’s more cost effective and safer to properly manage asbestos materials in place, avoiding removal altogether. However, containment doesn’t last forever, and the encasement will eventually wear away. If this happens, another contracting job will be required, costing you twice as much money as you could have paid initially for asbestos removal.

Got questions or concerns? Call Envirotex, your asbestos abatement company in Fairfax, VA. Serving all of Northern Virginia, Envirotex is the area's premier asbestos inspection, testing, abatement and removal contractors. Please call us today: 703-754-0892.

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