What to Do When you Find House Mold at your Northern, VA Home

House mold is a type of fungus whose sprouts form tiny spores and float about in the air. Unfortunately, these spores choose to make their home in moist places within your Northern, VA home causing house mold growth in those areas.

Another common type of house mold found in Northern, VA homes that generally sits on the surface of damp walls and shower grouting and doors is mildew. This looks like tiny black spots and can usually be cleaned with a brush and mold killer.

Other house molds in Northern, VA can be more damaging from increased infestation within the home and do quite a bit of damage. Damp walls, carpets, and other flooring can be a breeding ground for house molds. Once this happens, you should call in a professional environment company such as the team at Envirotex.

Letting professionals deal with any house mold issues you have reassures you that once they come and remove the mold from your home, test for air quality, and advise you of any moisture problems that you need to address, you should be good to go after that. Not taking care of moisture problems such as leaks, no ventilation, or cracks in your foundation can guarantee that any mold removal will only last for a limited time, and the house mold will eventually come back.

House mold in Northern, VA homes can be dangerous for your family. Many health issues come from house mold. Breathing in mold spores that are in the air can make any person in your family who has respiratory problems that much worse. People who have asthma who are around damp basements are bound to have more asthma attacks than living in a well-ventilated, dry home.

Some house mold is not detectable by the human eye because it starts to grow in behind walls. Typically, you will notice a musty smell in your basement, attic, or bathroom at your home in Northern, VA. This is a sure sign that you have a mold problem, and you need to address it as soon as possible. Never put it off because it doesn’t take house mold long to grow throughout your home, causing a lot of damage and not to mention a lot of health issues for your family members.

When in doubt, call the team at Envirotex Environment Services for any mold concerns you have at your Northern, VA home.