What Does House Mold Have to do With Your Family and Home in Northern, VA?

Mold is a fungus found both indoors and outdoors in the Northern, VA area. Indoor house mold that actively grows will damage whatever material it lives on which can impair the structure. What’s more, house mold can cause numerous health issues in humans including allergies and infections.

House mold can cause musty odors and black, brown, green, yellow, and fuzzy growths inside homes in Northern, VA. Mold growth can be visible on walls, around windows, and in shower stalls, but it can also be hiding behind drywall, under carpets, and in attics.

The presence of excessive dampness or water will allow mold to grow in Northern, VA homes. While you will definitely want to get rid of the house mold’s appearance and damage to your home, you will also need to get rid of the source of your problem. Whatever is causing the dampness in your house such as a leaky pipe, foundation seepage, damp bathrooms, or high humidity will need to be dealt with or you will have recurring problems of house mold in your Northern, VA home.

Small amounts of house mold can be cleaned up by homeowners, but large areas require an experienced environmental company such as Envirotex. Using a company such as Envirotex will assure you that all measures of removing house mold have been performed safely so that you and your family can return to your home in Northern, VA and breath easier.

Damp indoor environments in Northern, VA tend to trigger respiratory problems such as coughs, runny nose and itchy throat, wheezing and asthma symptoms plus headaches and other symptoms for people who spend a lot of time in these spaces. Spending time in damp and moldy homes can increase the risk of bronchitis and increase chances of developing asthma and allergies.

House mold is nothing to put off for another day. Depending on the amount of mold and the dampness in your home in Northern, VA you might want to have a mold inspection done because without a thorough inspection, you cannot be sure exactly where all house mold is growing in your home.

Let the professionals at Envirotex help you with your house mold problem so you can rest assured that you have illuminated the problem and the damage for your family’s safety.