How Mold Testing is Performed at Virginia Beach, VA Homes

There are a lot of mold testing kits available at your local Virginia Beach, VA home improvement stores but these kits do not include a visual inspection conducted by a professional mold inspector such as Envirotex. Not only will Envirotex do a thorough visual inspection to detect issues and the problems that are related to any mold growth at your home in Virginia Beach, VA, but they will do professional sampling that will be sent to an independent lab for analysis.

Once the results from the mold testing are analyzed, Envirotex will then map out a plan of action to get rid of the mold and to correct any moisture problems that are encouraging mold growth at your Virginia Beach, VA home. Without fixing the cause, once the mold has been removed, it will only return.

Mold testing in Virginia Beach, VA is done by taking a sample of the air and/or of a surface.

Air Sample Mold Testing that uses spore traps is called a “spore trap sample.” Pumped air is forced into the collection device which impacts its sticky surface. This device catches the mold spores which are then sent to an independent lab for analysis.

Surface Sample Mold Testing is done in a variety of ways. The most common are—

  • Swab Samples: Similar to a cotton swab, the swab is rubbed across the surface areas in the Virginia Beach, VA home to be sampled and then sent to an independent mold testing lab for analysis.
  • Tape Samples: Mold testing is done with a clear piece of tape that is pressed against and removed from the surface being tested, picking up and removing some of the mold that is on the surface. This is then sent to an independent lab.
  • Bulk Samples: A piece of the area you want to be sampled is removed and sent to a mold testing lab to be analyzed.

The most common method an independent mold testing laboratory which analyzes mold samples taken from homes in Virginia Beach, VA is by transferring sections of the mold sample onto a microscope slide and adding a stain that the mold spores absorb. The sample is then evaluated for evidence of mold growth.