Calling a Mold Removal Company in Gainesville, VA

Various forms of mold can be found in homes in Gainesville, VA, some which are not hazardous to your health while others that are extremely dangerous. Chest or sinus congestion, respiratory disorders, irritated eyes as well as coughing are all signs of mold infestation.

A certified and licensed mold removal company should be called to determine the type of mold and a plan for removal.  When areas contaminated with mold are disturbed, millions of spores can be discharged into the air. A mold removal company in Gainesville, VA has the proper equipment to keep the contamination under control while removing the mold.

Preventing mold from coming back will most likely consist of repairing leaks, wiping up any standing water, and fixing seals around all windows and doors.  Having a decent ventilation system installed in your home can eliminate excessive moisture that comes from showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and humidity from the weather. Having proper air flow within your home eliminates damp air that sits in various rooms where water is used.

Questions to Ask When Calling a Mold Removal Company

Do Team Workers Wear Protective Gear?

A mold removal company will ensure their team’s safety by providing them with proper hazmat suits, respirators, and safety glasses. Disposable shoe covers should also be worn because foot traffic is a major cause of cross contamination.

Do You Contain the Area Properly?

A mold removal company will come into your home and will contain the area. This includes plastic sheeting and protection at the entrance to the site to avoid cross contamination. Negative air machines used should be HEPA filtered and exhausted outside.

Do You Wrap Your Equipment?

Air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are used and should be contained with fresh wrap before entering your site, so contamination from a previous job does not make yours worse.

What Credentials Do You Have?

Ask for proof of insurance and certifications.

How Do You Dispose of Waste?

Waste material should be double bagged and disposed of properly.

Don’t be afraid of asking questions before hiring a mold removal company to come to your home in Gainesville, VA. You and your family’s safety come first.