The Importance of Mold Inspections in Northern VA

Mold can be potentially harmful, so at the first indication that you either suspect mold or see mold, you should look into a mold inspection for your home in Northern VA. The seriousness of having mold inspections can’t be expressed enough. Mold symptoms, especially those from black mold, are dangerous and can even be fatal. If any of your family members suffer from an autoimmune disease, the risk is even higher.

If mold becomes airborne at your home in Northern VA, the indoor air quality declines significantly. Mold symptoms and exposure comes from mold spores inhaled from the air, which then settle into the lungs or nasal passages. With a mold inspection, a mold technician will test the indoor air quality for signs of mold spores. The mold inspection will also consist of looking for any signs of mold growth throughout your Northern VA home, along with checking the air quality.

Mold growth occurs in warm, damp areas. There could be areas of your home in Northern VA where mold growth is not visible such as behind drywall or wallpaper, under your carpeting, underneath or behind plumbing fixtures or appliances, ceiling tiles, and in the flooring. The water damage causing the mold growth can harm wooden structures, insulation, and electrical wiring inside your Northern VA home. Mold inspections for homes in Northern VA may prevent structural damage or significantly reduce any severe damage from mold growth.

Mold inspections should be considered essential anytime you purchase a house. Just because mold growth is found during a mold inspection does not mean you shouldn’t purchase the home. Any home can be restored with the right treatment. Whatever moisture issues causing the mold would need to be fixed so that mold growth isn’t a reoccurring problem.

Bathrooms are a significant concern for mold growth. A mold inspection can determine if you have mold growing in behind your bathroom walls. Using thermal imaging, a technology that can detect and identify sources of moisture that support mold growth, can aid in making better–informed decisions on a plan to rid your home of any mold growth.

If you have any questions, call the experts at Envirotex Environmental Services. They will be glad to help with any environmental issues you have at your Northern VA home.